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Leadership requires a lot of courage, character and conquest.

As leaders, we frequently come across things that don’t appear to be right, but we opt to turn a blind eye because we lack the courage to confront the situation.

In the Bible however, we see the example of Esther as a leader full of courage and wisdom. She is depicted as a humble leader who did not think more of herself. As a leader, Esther always puts others’ needs before her own.
Esther’s leadership is timely. It came at a time when Jews were being persecuted. As a leader, she took a stand for her people and defended them. She cared enough about others to use her leadership to defend them. She would have chosen not to identify as a Jew at the time, but when she saw what was about to happen to her people, she bowed down to save them.
This demonstrates that God sets us in situations that we may not see as leadership opportunities, but everything happens for a reason. God reveals the solutions to us when we have faith in Him.
Esther had a strong faith in God. For guidance, she listened to God’s voice. She never acted in her own strength or authority. And it was because of this that she was able to achieve great things. Despite all of the benefits that came with being queen and a leader, Esther maintained her humility and willingness to learn. She actually listened to people who knew more than she did.
As entrepreneurs, Esther teaches us that being coachable and listening to others allows us to tap into their favor as well as the favor of our clients or those we serve. Being coachable allows us to open opportunities and make better judgments.
Despite the difficulties she faced, Esther did not believe that leadership meant dominating with an iron hand, but rather that it meant adopting strategic preparation to attain your goals. Esther refused to be consumed by her role as a leader. She was soft-spoken, which helped her achieve what she desired. In the end, she was able to defeat her enemies.
When we achieve our objectives as leaders, we must always remember to give thanks to God. Recognizing and thanking God for all He has done enables us to tackle new problems with bravery and compassion for one another.
“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” -Deut 31:6
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September 25th, 2021|Women in Business Podcast|


Leadership can be defined as the ability to persuade others to work toward a common objective.

Our leadership talents are influenced by our backgrounds. Being born into a family of leaders encourages us to want to be great leaders. This is called natural leadership. Miriam, Moses’ sister, is a good example of a natural leader in the Bible.
We first witness Miriam’s leadership skills at a young age, when she was tasked with ensuring her newborn brother’s safety by placing him in the basket to save him. Later, she goes out of her way to assure his safety by requesting that her mother looks after the baby.
We may have all of the best leadership qualities but there are times when circumstances get in the way of us being the best leaders we can be. Some we may be aware of, while others we may be oblivious to. God grants us leadership qualities and skills, but we lose sight of our main purpose when we start comparing ourselves to others.
Even though we may have this natural quality when it comes to leading others, we may only go so far because like every other talent, leadership needs to be nurtured and developed while being used for God’s purpose. Our innate ability to lead may well be weakened if we lack strong faith and rely on God for guidance.
Miriam battled for the release of Israelites, but she failed to realize her own leadership flaws, resulting in a conflict with her brother Moses. She died before reaching the promised land because she did not repent of her sins. She faltered in the end, despite being a good leader.
When it comes to failing leadership, or when leadership is on the edge of failing, it’s critical to keep emotions and actions in check. When we start grumbling about what’s going on around us, we lose sight of our ultimate goals as leaders.
When we are going through a trying time, we must keep returning to God, who will restore our eyesight. When we fall short, we must go back and seek forgiveness from individuals we may have harmed or offended, as well as from God.
As leaders, we should understand that faltering and falling isn’t the end, for God will always restore us and our positions of leadership. God provides us with the resources we require to complete the job He has entrusted to us.

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September 21st, 2021|Women in Business Podcast|

God First!

God First!

Starting the day with God comes with a lot of stillness and calm. It helps us focus and redirect our thoughts to the right things. Putting God first grounds our thoughts and helps us set the day with intentionality and purpose.

Rachael McCants of R.Lindsay Unlimited says that as entrepreneurs, many times we are not under any pressure to go about our daily operations using schedules but starting the day with God is one way we can focus and align ourselves with the right things during the day.

It is not every day that our usual activities go according to plan.  However, finding God’s voice in the midst of unpleasant situations is what grounds us. God uses all our experiences to help and direct us toward finding our purpose. No matter what we go through we should always remember to start our days with God because it is during the toughest of times that He shines the brightest.

We may not be too thrilled or excited with the process of finding our purpose but stopping every morning to listen to God’s voice helps us work towards the purpose God set for us. It is during the times when we feel like we are going through tough times that we need to take time and rest in God’s peace. We need not be too occupied with what is happening around us but redirect our attention toward God.

Starting the day by committing it to God helps us realize that with every task that is ahead of us, He is already working for our good. It helps us see that He is in control of every situation and we need not worry about anything. God is the source of everything. Everything else is a resource.

We are not too busy to start our days with God. We should form a habit of always taking time to listen to God’s voice and everything else will fall into place without struggle.

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September 14th, 2021|Women in Business Podcast|

The Modern Proverbs 31 Women

The Modern Proverbs 31 Women

We live in an age where we compare ourselves to the Proverbs 31 superwoman. This, however, can somewhat make us feel inadequate.

When we read about the Proverbs 31 woman, we are told about how hardworking and diligent she was. An image of perfection, working to take care of her family and running a business all with a smile on her face.  We all want to be this woman so we keep comparing ourselves to her without realizing that we live in different times. Instead of focusing on how overwhelming it is to measure up to her, we should look at her as an excellent biblical description of what women can do.

Modern Women need to understand that we have separate tasks given by God, but still equal and certainly just as important. For some reason, our society has told us that taking care of a family is not good enough. That we need to make lots of money or manage people to be successful.

But as Christians, we need not listen to those telling us that serving our families is beneath us. We all serve in different capacities and we should always appreciate ourselves for that. It is true to say that the Proverbs 31 Woman does not only apply to married women but to single women as well. One does not have to be married to emulate her. You can still be generous, kind, and work hard no matter the stages you are in life.

As we strive to become Modern Proverbs 31 Women, we should always remember that life is not going to be free of challenges, there are going to be bad days. There are seasons where working or taking care of the family will be exhausting and overwhelming but knowing our purpose as modern women will help us live fulfilling lives just how God wants us to.

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. 1 Chronicles 16:11

September 8th, 2021|Women in Business Podcast|

Do you REALLY forgive and forget!

Do you REALLY forgive and forget?

Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.

As human beings, we are brought up in different backgrounds and we are set on different beliefs from what we are used to. This can make us collide at some point in our day-to-day interactions knowingly or unknowingly.  When misunderstandings occur amongst us, how do we deal with them? What approaches do we use to communicate that our feelings have been hurt or that we don’t agree with the other person’s actions?

Disagreements come with a lot of emotions and assumptions. How we perceive and react to our feelings is largely affected by our levels of stress. Low-stress levels allow us to resonate well with situations but high-stress levels make us react on impulse.  We need to understand that no matter how much we think we are trying, there are people who will always try to find faults in us some of which may or may not be true and this may make us develop grudges and resentment towards them. Even after sorting out the issues at hand, we find ourselves still recalling the hurt. Why is it so difficult to forget after forgiving? This does not only apply to others but ourselves as well.

When we don’t forgive those who hurt us, we end up carrying the pain and hurting others who don’t deserve to be at the receiving end. And also when we don’t forget, we carry what we perceived in the beginning and make a false truth. In order to move on from the pain, we need to forget when we forgive but the forgiveness needs to be done in love.  Forgiving others and ourselves the way that God forgives us fastens our healing and restoration process and we should not allow our perception of criticism whether positive or negative hinder us from achieving this.

Leviticus 19:18″Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.”

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August 31st, 2021|Women in Business Podcast|

Engaging the New Workforce | TAKE A BREATH

Engaging the New Workforce | TAKE A BREATH

Engaging the new workforce is crucial for company development. Janae Willis-Beard says that in today’s society, the workplace is experiencing competing cultures and although differences may occur, we need to learn to understand and embrace each other. The new generation comes with a lot of vocal abilities where they want to see the impact and create change.

When a company gets to a breaking point where they need to move to the next levels engaging a new generation workforce can be the key to unlocking new potential. However, for startups, the best way to get the needed workforce is by partnering with a local university with a strong business school and offers an internship program. This way both the community and the company benefit from the business. It is also good to put into consideration that using local resources to move the company to the next level is quite inexpensive.

Developing a strong internship program for the company exposes the business to different professionals with different levels of knowledge thereby expanding the scope of operations. As we have seen or experienced, many times students successfully graduate from school only to find that there are “no jobs”. Some of whom have the skillset needed to propel the company to greater levels. Mentoring and helping new graduates come into the workplace for experience prevents them from making career mistakes.

As employers looking to benefit from the new workforce, one needs to ensure that hiring is done after the interns have carefully gone through the company’s blueprint and everything they need to be conversant with to ensure successful induction into the company.  Also, before welcoming the new workforce, one should ensure that the company is not in its busy season so that the new employees are comfortable before really going into the job. This way, the new workforce, and companies experience a win-win.

August 24th, 2021|Women in Business Podcast|

Nehemiah Week 2021

Nehemiah Week 2021

The Nehemiah Week 2021 is a power-packed week designed to equip and inspire Kingdom Business leaders. It is an eventful week where entrepreneurs come together to reflect on how God is impacting their businesses. Due to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, Nehemiah Week 2021 will have a Virtual Kingdom Tour of Kingdom companies from various regions of the world.

Through the tour and discussions with the owners, we will learn about their current strategy for expansion and risk management in the midst of the pandemic, how they are dealing with job creation and retention, as well as how they are able to remain profitable while impacting the Kingdom.  There’s also going to be a series of phenomenal keynote speakers touching on this year’s theme-THRIVE THROUGH CRISIS, accompanied by daily devotions prepared by global pastors and religious leaders.

During the conference, there is going to be an online forum where people can connect and share information in virtual breakout sessions. We also have the Investors Forum Even where we get to find out who has been doing what, how far they are in their projects and then they pitch for investor’s capital. After undergoing a Biblical Entrepreneurship Course, Nehemiah International gives its students a chance to pitch their business ideas during Nehemiah Week.

This year we have four candidates from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America competing for a grand prize of 5000 U.S Dollars. We also have the People’s Choice Award where the registered audience will vote for their favorite contestant who will win 1000 U.S Dollars. Our final event will be the State of the Ministry Event where we will learn about the global impact Nehemiah Project and hear from our Regional Directors themselves. The event will feature Jeff Shafer, founder, and CEO of Common Good Capital as our keynote speaker. Come and listen to stories from global entrepreneurs and receive the opportunity to become a business/job sponsor and support the global vision in creating 100K jobs.

August 17th, 2021|Women in Business Podcast|

The Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose guides us towards getting the right direction in our lives. It is what guides us towards the calling we are set for. Different factors propel us towards our purpose including who we are, what our personalities are, why we think the way we do, our communication styles among many other factors which create our identities.

Lorna Mutegi, a director at Mirema Schools tells us about how we were all given special powers before we’re born and that along the way things happen to us that make us doubt our abilities and purpose but we should not give up on ourselves in order to keep touch with our identities.

Before finding your identity, even finding words to describe who you are can be quite a challenge. We however need to remember that God created us as His own and He has a purpose for each of us. That way, we will be able to find ourselves without struggle and conflict.

When we let God take control we will easily align ourselves with our destiny and God’s intended purpose for us. Knowing our identity teaches us to listen and get clear confirmation from God that we are on the right path doing the right thing.

Certain factors can help us find ourselves such as Identity and Purpose courses or Biblical Entrepreneurship courses by Nehemiah Project.

As we try to find our purpose, we need to take time to meditate, pray and seek validation from God, that way along our journey we will be able to establish a strong relationship with Him and ourselves.

Remember, once you find your identity, you’ll find your purpose and once you find your purpose you’ll find your assignment.

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August 17th, 2021|Women in Business Podcast|

The 3 P’s of planning interrupts!

The 3 P’s of planning interrupts!

The 3P’s of planning interrupts. Despite all the plans we tend to always put in place for our lives or our businesses, often enough not everything goes according to how we planned or intended it to be. This may weigh us down and at times make us give up on everything including ourselves.  Wende Jones, Founder of Agile Northwest who is also the Executive Director and Chair of the Christian Chamber of Commerce, takes us through three steps to take when facing redirection.

In the event of planning and creating new ideas, we need to keep in mind that although we expect everything to be better after planning and mapping, God may redirect our steps in the path He thinks is best for us. Why? Because we might be serving new wine in old wineskins!  Although we may think we have everything figured out on our own when facing redirection, we need to trust God to lead us into the path He thinks is best for us.

Surrender everything to God and allow Him to handle things for us. Let him prepare us for the shift to the direction He wants us to go. A change in direction may destabilize our business journey and most of us may want to move on to the next thing but we need to take the time to process our feelings towards the shift. It is ok to grieve and feel frustrated but if we don’t take the time to process, we’ll always be dragged behind. Processing the shift and redirection helps us to welcome healing and clarity to move on.

After processing comes prayer. Listen to God’s voice. Stop trying to pray God into where you want Him to take you. Instead, trust His voice, His redirection. We should allow God to empty us so that He can fill us up with new ideas.  By accepting and changing toward God’s redirection we will get clarity and understand why God encouraged and initiated the shift.

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August 16th, 2021|Women in Business Podcast|

Plan to Survive | Managing Risk

Plan to Survive | Managing Risk

Plan to Survive by managing risk. Today our Hosts Wendie Klem and Debra Schlaht’s table talk will be on Managing Risk. They will put in perspective 3 types of Risk, how to prevent them, and potential Threats in relation to a SWOT Analysis. Today our Hosts Wendie Klem and Debra Schlaht’s table talk will be on Managing Risk. They will put in perspective 3 types of Risk, how to prevent them, and potential Threats in relation to a SWOT Analysis.

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July 22nd, 2021|Women in Business Podcast|

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