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Being an Enthusiastic Worker

Being an Enthusiastic Worker

Enthusiastic people tend to be more productive and creative, energizing those around them — while being enthusiastic can also lead to increased levels of loyalty and engagement. At every level of an organization, enthusiasm is contagious. The right attitude and behavior can affect the productivity of everyone on your team or even in your department.

In the Bible, the Proverbs 31 Woman is an enthusiastic worker, she is filled with purpose and she is excited about what the day was going to bring. As an enthusiastic woman, she is focused on what matters most to God and her family. She has leadership qualities that are used to accomplish the assignment that God has given her and she is afraid to use it worrying about what others will think.\

The Proverbs 31 enthusiastic woman exercises good decision-making skills and every aspect of her life searching for wisdom and understanding through the word of God. And although there are days she may have a hard time getting some things done, she excels at whatever tasks she’s given, because, she’s working for God and not for man. The fulfillment of her purpose is more important than what she feels that day.

The modern woman can emulate her to become an enthusiastic worker by making sure that she is in proper alignment and knows who she is working for. Although we may delight in the work of our hands, some days might be tough but through it all, we need to only focus on the most important things and complete those tasks with excellence. Being an enthusiastic worker also means doing what needs to be done without complaint with a grateful heart.

One of the greatest things enthusiastic workers do for themselves is to always look for wisdom and learning from others but the bottom line is the Lord Christ who we are serving every day. So let’s do it with enthusiasm. Always seek favor from God and serve with a joyful and cheerful heart.

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May 23rd, 2022|Women in Business Podcast|

The Proverbs 31 Women is a “Blessing to Others”

The Proverbs 31 woman is a blessing to others in many ways. She is thoughtful, she considers the needs of others above herself and she is willing to give her time to help them. She is a blessing to her family because she always thinks of their needs and wants first.

Most women have this innate desire to want to serve others, help them provide for them. Maybe because women were created to be caregivers it naturally becomes a gift. It is good to note that being a blessing to others and serving others is really the best way to grow whether it is personally or professionally.

Business leaders need to understand that blessing others starts inspiring others. Not ordering them or dictating them, but inspiring them and valuing their opinion. A servant leader knows that without everyone’s effort, they will not succeed. Even Jesus in the Bible had a team of 12 men to help him with his journey and through it all he was always humble.

A servant leader can be a blessing to their team by creating a culture of trust by keeping their word and also being part of the team. They know that their team is an important asset that will help them succeed. They can also be a blessing to others by developing other leaders. It does not matter to them that they may be replaced. They work to raise others up tp be better and go further in finding their purpose and calling.

In thinking about the long term and not just the task at hand, by long term meaning thinking about how the business can be a blessing to those that they serve as well as the staff members, servant leaders are using their God-given resources to be a blessing to others. This translates to being a steward of God’s spirit. This does not mean that leaders be served but they do the serving.

The Bible tells us that in all that we do, we should look at serving others and being a blessing to them. And so this doesn’t mean that we sacrifice everything that we have to give away, large amounts of money to charity, although that’s a good thing, it is not the only way to bless others.

Even as the Bible tells us to love others as we love ourselves, it is important to note that before you can be a blessing to someone else, you need to love yourself first because service comes from love and you cannot love others if you don’t love yourself.

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May 23rd, 2022|Women in Business Podcast|

The Value of Your Customer.

Customer-value is upheld by your employees.

Employees are the drivers of your business. When you impact positively, they will always reflect on your customers. Many businesses want to build a cohesive environment for their customers and they forget to nurture their employees who will later act as brand ambassadors in the long run.

When you want to establish a consistent cohesive relationship with the customers you are targeting you must begin by valuing the efforts of your employees. This is just one step in building a great relationship that will guarantee a two-way value. This is for the sake of you and the people next to you.

Giving value to your customers is part of your process excellence. It helps your business perform better when you are interfacing with different people in their specific niches. If you are a business owner, managing a good relationship with your employees, all other metrics of performance will glamorously improve too.

Understanding your employees in every aspect of their performance at the workplace is really important. Building a rapport with them makes them want to serve your customers better, and that’s how you grow as they will build your revenue using the available resources they have at their disposal.

Just like a resume, employees act as representatives of your company when customers want to understand more about your business. When you help them feel important by building them intellectually and spiritually, they will have the feeling of being empowered.. They narrate to the market the value of what your business offers to anyone who wants to know and this automatically helps your business win more customers.

The bible advises us that, we love our neighbors the way we love ourselves, and that’s the greatest commandment from God. As a business leader who wants to give your customers value from your activities, you should love them first the way you do yourself.

Loving your customers is not direct as it is said. There is more to loving your customers and ensuring they feel the value out of your activities in the market. The foot soldiers who you can only trust to help you win more here are your employees.

By loving, encouraging, and empowering them you’ll have given yourself an early lead in making your customers feel better. Every customer is important; therefore, it is important to make them realize they are losing it by putting their money in you. When you do this, your work will be easier and the management of your business will be smoother because you will have a motivated workforce and customer base.

Above all, you are on the right track. Just believe in yourself and don’t let anything stray you from providing value to the customers you have! The value of your customer is far much important than competition.

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May 23rd, 2022|Women in Business Podcast|

Operational Excellence: Organizational decision-making model.

Operational Excellence: Organizational decision-making model.

Operational excellence is a philosophy of the workplace helps companies/people of the workplace solve problems, at the same time it helps the team to work together. This spurs a ripple of leadership style that results in the continuous improvement of an organization Most people would say this to look like perfection, yet it’s all about excellence in what you do

When we come to Organizational Decision-Making Tools it’s important to note that, these characteristics only help us make rightful decisions at the same time guide us in differentiating what we need and don’t need in our workplace.

It’s correct that we all make mistakes when it comes to decision-making styles – as an organization, these may not go well when you decide on hiring the wrong person into the organization.

As a leader in business, you’ve got to make decisions and especially the right decision even amidst several related choices that may prove to be the best. Sometimes we don’t make these choices; we end up thinking some choices are right and yet they are not – ending up being costly for the organization and even the related human resources you have.

Therefore, we can actively define Organizational Decision Making as the process of evaluating circumstances or problems. It may also mean considering alternatives and making choices, then following up with the necessary actions.

Some people would view this to be among the major problems affecting organizations. We try evaluating situations to fit the moment so that we can make choices, and yet they have an impact on the future of their existence within the organization. Most people make decisions according to what their guts prophesy to them. Which is no and will never be right.

These decisions that are made with so much haste end up costing us a lot, financially, operationally, and even when you try to structure for growth or scale up as a business. You know sometimes it gets so frustrating trying to just find the answers let alone make that decision but again no one is ever perfect. When making decisions for a particular project, theme of performance; it’s important to value your focus on data. Data is very important because it forms part of your decision-making strategies whenever you want to do something.

Good data can be stored. Data helps you make more informed decisions whenever you want to execute something. Most organizations use spreadsheets to store data that can be tabulated and form an accurate representation of a target decision. This is just one of the best tools that organizations need to focus on.

However, most business people might ask, will spreadsheets be the ultimate tools to portray specific data? Most probably, Yes, there are tools such as excel but spreadsheets have proved to outmatch the power of other data representation tools. And this is how we find more about operational excellence, because of leveraging on the best.

Here’s the thing, you might be looking at data but you balance it off with your intuitive knowledge of your business to achieve the best KPIs and build more cohesive relationships with your customers and even your workers.

When you are a solopreneur, it is often hard to make accurate decisions, however, these data tools as mentioned above would guide you in making the right decisions that would later impact how you perform in the market.

If you have a team, then there must always be a process; first of all, you’ve got to establish the process, which is a procedure for making decisions that everyone in the organization follows. This is so important because you have to have a process and everyone must follow it ensuring consistency and reinforcing your business culture. It Is always important to find the best solution. However, if you feel like a business leader that your team has a balance of choices, then the best decision possible is to give a fair and unbiased verdict that will help the two sides.

In the end the power of making a decision lies next to you. As a business leader understanding your workers is important. Always be close to them and be happy utilizing some of the key biblical teaches that may guide you in decision making.

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May 23rd, 2022|Women in Business Podcast|

Operational Excellence-Creating a Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is essential for company growth.

Taking time to hold strategic planning meetings helps to strengthen the operations of the company, ensure that staff members and other stakeholders are working towards the same goals, and to identify and adjust the organization’s goals.

Strategic planning meetings should be held every month for companies to ensure that valuable data is not lost.  Change can only be achieved through these meetings, so companies should take advantage of them.

The purpose of strategic planning is to remind leaders of their goals and work on areas that need recalibration to remain or become more successful. Strategic plans do not need to be multi-page documents. They can be as simple as a one-page document with everything aligned with the business.

During a crisis, strategic plans can help you concentrate on the end goal, rather than the disappointment you are experiencing. You don’t always have to focus on failures. You can also recognize your successes. This is what we call positive reinforcement and it helps to keep you moving.

A few tips for people who are having difficulty coming up with a strategic plan include figuring out what type of plan is right for you and your company and scheduling time to go over and review the plan. It all begins with writing it down. God tells us that writing our plans and our vision is a requirement because it keeps everything in front of us. It makes what we’ve written down official. This allows you to commit yourself to it so that you don’t change it whenever you feel like it.

The tale of creation is the best example of Biblical principles to emulate. We learn that even though God had the potential to build the universe all at once, He took His time and created it one step at a time and in order. This should serve as a reminder to us that there is a time and a place for everything and that we must complete our tasks each and every day.

Sometimes we may be tempted to have our own way and not give in to the pressure of following schedules and it is during these moments that we should pray and seek God’s will for us. We must allow the spirit to operate through us, guiding and directing us towards God’s will for our plans.

So, start working on your strategic strategy right away. Don’t put off planning until you’re in a jam. It is not too late to begin your plan and to learn about what God has in store for you.

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February 28th, 2022|Women in Business Podcast|

Are you Doing or Leading?

Are you Leading or Doing?

Leaders often prefer to do the work themselves rather than lead others to do it. The reason for this is that there is a fine line between management and leadership and it is important to know the difference because that’s what separates leading from doing.

Leadership is about being mission based. It is knowing what needs to be accomplished while management is knowing what needs to be done in order to get the accomplishments. Leadership is creative and innovative and looking for solutions where management is about rules and policies.

A leader inspires and motivates people while a manager focuses on controlling people and the outcome. While leadership is focusing on optimizing the team, management is focused on the execution of a process. Leadership is often intangible where management is looking for measurable results. This means that as a leader in any given department, you need to make that shift and allow others who can do the managing, do the managing for you.

As business leaders, it is inevitable to face risks and uncertainty and sometimes that is what pushes us to doing instead of leading. There is always going to be the unknown but we should always have faith and allow God to figure out things for us.

Leaders don’t always wait to see if anyone else is going to step up. When something needs done, they take the initiative. This is where leading versus doing comes in and it requires courage, a quality forged from discipline and determination.

To move from doing to leading is asking God first. Let Him reveal His will for you. Then move with discipline and avoid distractions and also, have an accountability partner. As leaders, having an accountability partner helps you look for solutions and not stick to just doing.

No matter the known or unknown consequences always lean on God and let Him take care of everything.

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February 27th, 2022|Women in Business Podcast|

Operational Excellence – Where to begin?

Operational Excellence is a workplace philosophy in which problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership lead to continuous improvement in an organization.

Everyone wants their organization to succeed. But as leaders where do you start?

Leaders are frequently caught up in the doing rather than the leading to ensure that things are moving in the desired direction. This, however, creates a trap and prevents growth for the leader, the team, or the organization.

Operational excellence begins with leaders relinquishing control and delegating responsibilities to others while holding them accountable. This ensures that the organization progresses toward profitability and long-term viability.

Begin by taking an honest assessment of your company’s current situation and establish a clear vision, goal, and objectives. Have a team that is both supportive and engaging. All of this will help with continuous improvement. To achieve operational excellence, you must first establish your priorities and focus your efforts on where your time will have the greatest impact in moving your organization forward.

Leaders must be diligent to remain in their roles and not stray from them. According to Colossians 3:23-24, we should work on whatever we have as if it were for the Lord. We should always strive to assist others in achieving their goals and affirming their purpose. Serving others with the highest standards possible is what operational excellence entails.

Above all, begin with prayer. Giving our concerns to God allows the Holy Spirit to reveal the weak spots and gaps that need to be filled. You must also pay attention to the guidance that God gives you, even if it does not make sense at the time. That way, you can observe God at work.

So, where do you start when it comes to operational excellence? Evaluate your company and compare it to other players in the industry as well as industry leaders. Apply their best practices and watch your company grow. Following the assessment, share your findings with your team and establish mutual goals. Remember to be consistent in your follow-up with them. Hold them to account. Most importantly, remember to celebrate.

For all kingdom business leaders: Pace yourself. Be observant. Don’t overdo it!

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February 13th, 2022|Women in Business Podcast|

Operational Excellence.

When we talk about operational excellence it is not about perfection. Perfection leads to frustration. Start with Grace and Mercy.

Operational excellence involves reviews, evaluation, and appraisal. It is more of a philosophy of the workforce, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, and these results in a continuous improvement in operations. Improvements of 1% per day over a long period of time produce significant results statistically. Small incremental steps result in big results. We make so many big goals at the beginning of the year; therefore, it is important to take one day at a time.

Operational excellence requires the adoption of best practices, optimistic and realistic goals. You need to step back and think it through, understand what that goal involves, and then look at it realistically. Look at it from both perspectives. Focus on one increment at a time. Take time to assess where the business is by checking your capacity and identifying the gaps. Then think back to what the end goal is and see what can be achieved realistically.

A debriefing after completing previous goals can help determine what went well, what did not, and where there were any gaps or challenges so that you are aware of how to proceed. This needs to be from a holistic perspective. Therefore, all the team members should be allowed to give their point of view from the beginning.

Operational excellence should be approached from a biblical perspective. This means solving problems according to the ways of God and not necessarily the worldly view.

Remember that the main goal of achieving operational excellence is to prune out ineffective people, systems, and processes, and to start from scratch in creating new, more efficient processes, which takes time and money.

As Kingdom Business leaders, we can help entrepreneurs make tough decisions by tapping into the Holy Spirit. In order to fulfill God’s purpose, relying on the Holy Spirit keeps the business focused on the vision and mission it has been given.

Remember, operational excellence means living a productive life.

Colossians 3:23-24 – do it with all your heart as you are serving the Lord and not man.

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February 1st, 2022|Women in Business Podcast|

Women in Business

Women in Business Life Group is a platform that empowers female entrepreneurs and helps them to grow their businesses

Our hosts Wendie Klem and Debra Schlaht are joined by Vancouver Center Director and Business Development Assistant Elisabeth Ingram as the newest member of the project.

Many women in business tend to compete rather than work together to grow and learn. The women in business however brings together women who share the same vision so that they are able to grow and work together and see each other succeed in their businesses.

Elisabeth Ingram says that God has pushed her towards bringing together women in business and although sometimes we may be too busy to develop new friendships and connections, it is important to have a tribe and this is her number one goal. Just to have a group of women who can support each other and honor God at the same time. Like building a small army of women for God!

The Women in Business Life Support Group started with a vision of rising up other women in leadership in the United States and around the world. Debra Schlaht challenges women to identify other women they feel they can grow with or mentor into leadership positions. She also urges women to have the ability to release some of the responsibilities so that they can grow.

Women in Business provides resources that are helpful in terms of running businesses sharing best practices, biblical principles and bringing in the supernatural in operational excellence. It is important to always listen to God’s voice in everything we do and women in business life group guides female entrepreneurs towards that.

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January 24th, 2022|Women in Business Podcast|

Time to ReFresh!

Time to ReFresh!

Taking time to refresh entails conducting personal assessments. We conduct reviews of our successes and failures, as well as suggestions for how we can improve in the coming year.

One method for refreshing or conducting a review is to conduct a reverse SWOT analysis, which is an examination of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This allows us to reflect on where we started and what needs to be done differently in the future.

Today, our hosts Debrah Schlant and Wendie Klem will show us how to use our SWOT analyses and reverse engineer them to our advantage before setting new goals.

We understand that challenges and threats are unavoidable in any situation, but for kingdom business owners, this could mean losing new clients, closing down suppliers, closing down your business, or even struggling with cash flow. Every entrepreneur faces unique challenges in their business, and it is critical to note the challenges or threats you faced when conducting the review.

New opportunities, on the other hand, are an inevitable part of everyone’s journey. Sometimes we get opportunities we didn’t expect, and they can manifest as new partners, new clients, learning new skills, or even promotions! We are to reflect not only on the opportunities we have received, but also on those we have missed, and to improve on them in the coming year.

Take some time to recharge your batteries by reflecting on your victories! Whether it’s in terms of your wins, new client acquisition, or the number of KPIs met. Keeping your focus on God and what He has called you to do or your assignment allows you to live in God’s abundance and win!

Taking time to refresh and conduct personal reviews is essential because it allows us to reset our vision and focus on the right and God-given goals.

Remember to commit every aspect of your life to Him, and He will establish your paths! Allow Him to lead, and your work will be anointed with Grace and favor. And don’t forget to take time to refresh every now and then.

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December 13th, 2021|Women in Business Podcast|

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