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Identity & Destiny 7 steps to a purpose-filled life

This book invites you into a personal encounter with God that will not only show you how to find your “God-Given Sweet Spot” but how to live in it EVERYDAY!

Clarity, Focus, and Direction
Fueled by the power of passion and purpose!

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Know God has a plan but struggling to figure it out?

Have you ever felt your search for fulfillment was going nowhere? Like no matter what you’ve done, it’s never clear? Like there is something inside just waiting to be set free? Like you are going to come to the end of your life with dreams still inside your soul?

You chase, strive, dream, and pursue…yet nothing really changes.

You’re not alone.

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We have created the step-by-step program laid out in this book.

We give you everything you need to discover your “God-Given Sweet Spot”, and find that place where who you are AND what you do are fully integrated, in-sync, and amped up by the power of your God-given purpose!

  • If you’ve tried but never gotten clear answers…
  • If you are discouraged and confused…
    NOW is your time to restart!

  • If you’re hungry for something better
  • If you want to live a life that counts for more
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Purpose Questionnaire

Simple questions that bring profound insights.

God has given each of us the burning desire for meaning and purpose in life. How well are you living out this purpose?

Take this simple questionnaire to determine how well your daily life is aligned to living on purpose. You will receive results and free coaching time with our Certified Coach that will point the way to a whole new level of clarity, hope, and direction.

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Hi – We’re Tom and Pam Wolf – husband and wife team who are founders of Identity and Destiny and authors of the powerful book, Identity and Destiny – 7 Steps to a Purpose-filled Life.

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Are You Ready?

Join us and be part of the world-wide community of Identity and Destiny Licensed Facilitators!

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We help people to

  • Discover bigger dreams

  • Achieve greater goals

  • Develop deeper spiritual maturity

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What others are saying

“I didn’t really know what to expect, but now I can tell you this book is truly life-altering.”

Buddy Johnson, former FL State Representative

“Not for the faint-of-heart…a powerful and eye-opening experience.”

Ellie Almand, Prayer Partner and Working Mom

“You are going to want to devour this book – not simply read it.”

Jule Colvin, Entrepreneur and John Maxwell Leadership Coach

“A MUST for EVERY believer who wants to go deep and make a difference for the Kingdom.”

Jim Brangenberg, Radio Host and Marketplace Ministry advocate

“A POWERFUL tool of self discovery for my staff and volunteers AND it allows me to lead them in full-alignment with what God has created them to do!”

Todd Leet, Pastor of Leadership Development at Van Dyke Church

“This is NOT ‘destiny-lite.’ It’s for those ready to be released into EVERYTHING God has for them!”

Diana Furr, Christian Coach and I&D Licensed Facilitator