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Our coaching approach combines a biblically integrated 360º approach, the science of coaching, and consulting techniques to achieve sustainable results for clients.
Our objective is to help clients achieve the following:

Enhancing Relationships

Business is all about relationships. Whether it be family, employees, vendors, or customers, we understand how to navigate relationships within an organization. We work with our clients to enhance all types of relationships in their companies through training, gift assessments, accountability, and facilitating healthy communication.

Integrating Values into Your Culture

Understanding entrepreneurship from a biblical perspective is fundamental to building a Kingdom-class business. We help clients understand the responsibilities of being a Christian entrepreneur and discover ways to succeed in their business and life by integrating their core values into the culture of the organization.

Growing Your Business

Healthy relationships are key to building a sustainable company and value integration is essential to creating a healthy business culture. However, without intentionality to results, your company cannot be sustainable long term. Businesses go through growth stages. It is predictable and measurable and can be leveraged for success. Our Kingdom Business Coaches™ apply best practices, experience, and biblical principles to help their clients grow their business’ top and bottom line while making a Kingdom impact.

Our Proven Business Coaching Certification System
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Coaching Services to Help You Grow Personally, Scale Your Business, and Sustain Success​
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Join a shared-value peer-to-peer group coaching program to accelerate your business growth using a Kingdom approach

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Grow your business in line with your values with the help of an experienced Kingdom Business Coach™

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Get the help of our Elite Kingdom Business Coaches to empower your team and enhance your corporate culture while growing your top and bottom line with Kingdom impact

Kingdom Business Assessment

Are you running a Kingdom business or would like to? Take this quiz to assess the state of your business and how well your values are integrated with it.

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