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How to get started with passive income in Africa

On this episode, host Patrice Tsague welcomes Rina Hicks, a prominent figure in African finance, to discuss best investment practices for businesses and the best investment avenues for passive income

Rina is a principal at Faida Investment Bank, the CEO of RH Group, and the creator of Investible, a financial investment product in Kenya.

In addition to her business ventures, Rina is a best-selling author, a highly regarded podcast host, and the recipient of multiple awards, including the Angaza Awards for Top Women to Watch in Finance in Africa in 2022 and the winner of the 2021 Nehemiah Week International Business Plan Competition. As a dedicated mother of three and wife to a loving husband, Rina’s experiences and insights offer valuable guidance for those looking to start or enhance their passive income journey.

When investing in Africa, it’s not just about the returns; investors can make a significant impact on the lives of the people they are helping. Many African companies are solving real problems and addressing critical needs, such as supply chain challenges, financial services access, and infrastructure development.

The case for investing in Africa lies in the diverse opportunities available across various sectors, including agribusiness, telecommunications, financial services, marketing, and sales. In contrast to markets like the US, where small businesses must innovate significantly to compete with large corporations, Africa allows entrepreneurs to create their own space and achieve remarkable results. By investing in Africa, investors can not only generate income but also contribute to the social and economic development of the continent.

Join us for the upcoming Global Forum to learn more about investment opportunities in Africa and around the world. Rina Hicks and other financial experts will be there to share their insights and strategies to help you create passive income and make a lasting impact. Register now: https://nehemiahecommunity.com/event/ec-global-forum-apr23/

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April 18th, 2023|E-Community Podcast|

New Book Alert: “If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going!”

In this episode, host Patrice Tsague is joined by Kim Billips, the author of “If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going!” and Director of Creative Marketing at Timothy Partners, a valued partner and sponsor of the Nehemiah Project. 

In this podcast, Kim shares her personal journey, which led to the creation of her upcoming book. Through the lens of her own experiences, Kim discusses how to handle life’s trials and challenges, particularly for women.

If you’ve ever faced adversity or wondered how to keep going in difficult times, this conversation is not to be missed. Kim’s story offers valuable insights and inspiration to help you navigate through life’s toughest moments

How Did the Book “If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going” Come to Be?

Kim Billips’ journey that inspired her book “If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going” began with her upbringing in a Christian household. Her initial aspirations were to attend the Juilliard School of Music and become a professional percussionist, but instead, she pursued a degree in Spanish in Central Florida and Spain, where she met her husband.

After having three children, life took a turn for the worse when Kim discovered her husband’s betrayal, just three days after her 40th birthday. This difficult event led to her experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, which manifested in a familial tremor.

During this challenging period, Kim found solace in a quote by Sir Winston Churchill, which would become the title of her book: “If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going.” However, her health continued to decline, and she was eventually diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, much to her shock and disbelief. 
Despite her young age and being a woman, she had defied the odds and developed a condition typically associated with older men. Through her book, Kim shares her story of resilience, faith, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

If you want to hear more about Kim’s journey and how she managed to find hope and encouragement in the midst of adversity, watch the full episode on YouTube. You’ll be inspired by her courage, faith, and ability to keep going despite the circumstances.

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April 11th, 2023|E-Community Podcast|

How to Move From Debt to Wealth in 2023

This episode “Debt to Wealth,” features Di Darienzo, Managing Director at United Financial Freedom. 

Patrice Tsague and Di explore the importance of moving from debt to wealth and the upcoming Global Forum on Passive Income. As the opposite of debt is wealth, it’s essential to address and eliminate debt in order to build a successful passive income journey. 

With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, Di shares how United Financial Freedom assists families in building wealth tax-free and risk-free, creating a sustainable passive residual income for life.

Di’s Incredible Story: From Debt to Wealth

In 1995, Di faced an incredibly challenging situation when her children’s father had a severe accident, leaving him with significant memory loss and partial paralysis. At that time, she had no life insurance, and with three young children to care for, she opened a daycare to make ends meet. 

Seven years later, her brother introduced her to a financial advisor who informed her that the life insurance policy she had purchased was not suited to her needs. Moreover, Di had accumulated considerable debt from mortgages, credit cards, student loans, car payments, and a timeshare.

Despite being skeptical at first, she decided to do her research and discovered that the financial advisor was indeed correct. He showed her that she could pay off 28 years’ worth of debt in just 13 years, and that investing wasn’t exclusive to the ultra-wealthy.

This revelation marked the beginning of Di’s journey to financial freedom and led her to help others achieve the same success.

So, How Can You Move From Debt to Wealth?

Di’s solution to moving from debt to wealth involves helping people change their conditioning and beat the banks at their own game. She explains that many of the traditional beliefs about money and finance are wrong, and understanding interest is the key to mastering wealth.

To help clients achieve financial freedom, Di uses a “financial GPS” called Money Max Account. This web-based, interactive system tracks all your debts, income, and living expenses, without requiring any refinancing, restructuring, or changes to your budget or lifestyle.

The Money Max Account shows the fastest way to eliminate debt and demonstrates the cause and effect of every financial decision you make before you make it.

This system can also be applied to businesses and churches, helping them to eliminate their mortgages and other debts. “The ultimate goal is not just to be debt-free, but to accumulate wealth and achieve massive passive income.” 

Our Upcoming Global Forum on Passive Income

Di Darienzo will be sharing her incredible story of moving from debt to wealth at our upcoming Global Forum on Passive Income.

From overcoming her own personal struggles to becoming an expert in managing finances, Di has made it her mission to assist others in breaking free from the shackles of debt and building a financially secure future.

The forum, scheduled for the 20th of April, will also feature other renowned financial experts such as Ron Wilkinson, Founder of Security First Advisors; Tanisha Souza ESQ, CEO of Tardus Wealth Strategies; and Blair Nightingale, Coach at Tradeway.

Together, these experts will share their insights and strategies to empower attendees with the knowledge they need to take control of their financial lives.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from these professionals and equip yourself with the tools and strategies needed to move from debt to wealth. 

If you haven’t registered yet, do so right away: https://nehemiahecommunity.com/event/ec-global-forum-apr23/

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April 7th, 2023|E-Community Podcast|

The Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification Program in 2023

On this episode, host Patrice Tsague sits down with guests Debra Schlaht, and Lorna Mutegi to discuss the Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification.

Lorna Mutegi is a Master Trainer, Coach, and Center Director in Kenya, while Debra is the Director for Training and Coaching at the Nehemiah Project. 

Together, they explore the opportunities and benefits of becoming a certified trainer and coach with a kingdom perspective through Nehemiah Entrepreneur Community Centers.

During the discussion, they delve into the certification process, which equips individuals to teach, train, and make money through training. As certified trainers and coaches, individuals can leverage their skills to create a profitable practice in various areas of expertise.

In addition, the conversation highlights the successes of those who have completed the certification and have gone on to build thriving training and coaching businesses.

With Lorna’s firsthand experience as both a certified trainer and a Center Director, listeners are given an insider’s look into how the certification has impacted her professional life and the lives of others she employs.

Debra, as the Director of Training and Coaching, also offers her expertise in guiding aspiring trainers and coaches through the certification process and helping them find success in their chosen fields.

If you’ve ever considered teaching, training, or making money through training, this episode provides valuable insights into how you can become a certified trainer and monetize your skills.

What is Biblical Entrepreneurship?

Debra explains that it revolves around building a kingdom business focused on a quadruple bottom line, which includes people, profit, planet, and the eternal component. She emphasizes the importance of applying biblical principles to businesses, walking out faith, and making a difference in the world.

Lorna highlights the importance of operational excellence and conviction when it comes to biblical entrepreneurship. She underscores that entrepreneurs wield significant influence and power within their communities, and therefore, understanding God’s heart and desire for business is crucial. 

Lorna also stresses the need for excellence in every aspect of business, from stakeholder care to how entrepreneurs present themselves. By implementing best practices and aligning with God’s intentions for profit and wealth creation, entrepreneurs can fulfill their responsibilities and make the desired impact through their businesses.

How Do I Enrol to the Nehemiah E-Community Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification Program?

Are you interested in joining the Nehemiah E-Community Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification Program? Click here https://nehemiahecommunity.com/training-and-coaching-certification/ to get started, then fill out an interest form to help us get to know you without commitment and assess whether the program is a good fit for you.

Lorna or Debra will help you understand the certification process, expectations, and we’ll also like to how you will use the certification in the marketplace. 

Keep in mind that the program also provides support in marketing, sales techniques, and other tools. By participating in the preliminary process,we can ensure that you are well-informed and aware of the necessary steps for successful enrollment and completion of the course. 

Our next class starts on May 10th, click here to start: https://nehemiahecommunity.com/training-and-coaching-certification/

Lorna Mutegi’s Journey with Biblical Entrepreneurship Training

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be part of the Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification program? Lorna Mutegi shares her story as a second-generation family business owner who took the program during the COVID pandemic. With more time to sit at home and learn, she discovered the quadruple bottom-line approach and how to rely on prayer and the Holy Spirit during difficult times.

The Identity and Destiny program, helped Lorna understand her purpose and identity, giving her newfound clarity and conviction. As a result, she became involved in training and coaching, finding a true sense of purpose in her work. 

She shares an example of speaking at a Women In Business conference with 3,600 attendees, and after discussing biblical entrepreneurship principles, she found herself surrounded by women eager to learn more.

Biblical entrepreneurship helps entrepreneurs navigate the demanding and uncertain marketplace by focusing on innovation, adaptation, and effective marketing strategies.

With countless confirmations of the program’s impact, Lorna’s journey demonstrates the transformational power of biblical entrepreneurship training and coaching.

Is the Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification Worth It?

Are you wondering if the Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification is worth your time and investment? 

Consider this: participants in the program not only learn valuable business and teaching skills, but also continue to grow their own acumen as they teach others. It’s a 360-degree experience that offers personal and professional development.

As for potential earnings, the sky’s the limit! Some trainers generate at least $12,000 a year in gross revenue, but with dedication and effective outreach, this number can certainly grow. The certification can be used to build a full-time career or simply serve as an additional income source, depending on your goals and time commitment. 

The Nehemiah E-Community supports trainers in their journey, offering guidance and resources to help them achieve their desired level of success.

So, if you’re looking to make a difference in the marketplace while also growing your own skills and income, the Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification might just be the perfect fit for you.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your skills and make an impact in the business world through biblical entrepreneurship.

To learn more about the Nehemiah E-Community Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification and get started on your journey, click here: https://nehemiahecommunity.com/training-and-coaching-certification/. Join a global network of trainers and coaches dedicated to transforming the marketplace and make a lasting difference in the lives of entrepreneurs worldwide. 

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March 14th, 2023|E-Community Podcast|

The Upcoming Iron Sharpening Iron Conference

In this episode, Patrice Tsague sat down with two dynamic women from Texas, Trudy Hankins, E-Community Center Director for Dallas, and Zondra Evans, owner, and CEO of Zondra TV. They discussed the upcoming Iron Sharpening Iron Conference, an event aimed at equipping, inspiring, and connecting entrepreneurs looking to build kingdom businesses globally.

The conference, scheduled for April 14th from 10 am to 2 pm in Plano, Texas, promises to be an exceptional experience for entrepreneurs. For only $40, attendees can expect lunch, numerous networking opportunities, and presentations from Patrice, Trudy, and Zondra.

Trudy is excited about the event, describing it as a chance for entrepreneurs to genuinely engage in the iron sharpening iron principle, pushing each other to new levels of success. With dynamic speakers like Patrice and Zondra, attendees can be assured of leaving inspired and informed.

Who is Zondra?

Zondra is the founder and CEO of Zondra TV, and is passionate about advocating for small business entrepreneurs. After spending 40 years in corporate America, she decided it was time to serve the world and create a legacy for herself. Recognizing that small businesses often get left behind, Zondra wanted to provide a platform where they could share their stories and experiences.

In contrast to the typical five minutes of exposure that small entrepreneurs might receive on a popular morning show, Zondra decided to give them 30 minutes on her platform to share their journey. She believes that these stories can inspire and encourage others to prevail in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

To further support small business entrepreneurs, Zondra also built an academy as part of her network. Through the academy, she helps entrepreneurs become TV producers and streams their content across various platforms, creating additional monetization strategies and revenue streams for them. This approach provides entrepreneurs with the exposure they need to thrive, as well as practical skills and resources to help them grow their businesses successfully.

What is the Iron Sharpening Iron Conference about?

The Iron Sharpening Iron Conference promises to be a transformative experience for entrepreneurs looking to build kingdom businesses. With insightful talks, meaningful connections, and practical advice from seasoned professionals like Trudy and Zondra, attendees can expect to leave inspired and equipped to take their businesses to the next level.

Trudy also shared the vision and purpose behind the Iron Sharpening Iron Conference. As the Dallas E-Community Center opened in September and serves entrepreneurs across the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex, Trudy wanted to find a way to connect people from such a vast area. She ultimately decided on hosting Zoom calls on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month and holding in-person meetings quarterly.

The upcoming conference serves as the first in-person meeting, providing entrepreneurs with an opportunity to refresh, renew, and reset their mindset. By attending the conference and staying connected through the bi-monthly Zoom calls, entrepreneurs can build a strong community and reinforce the idea that they are not walking alone in their journey.

The Dallas E-Community Center caters to entrepreneurs at various stages of the business lifecycle, from discovery to succession. Whether they are just starting out, breaking even, or looking to scale, the center aims to help businesses become sustainable and successful. By attending the Iron Sharpening Iron Conference and participating in the wider community, entrepreneurs from all walks of life can find valuable support, resources, and connections to help them thrive.

The Iron Sharpening Iron Conference Objectives

In addition to the support and resources already discussed, the Iron Sharpening Iron Conference will also address three key pain points that entrepreneurs often face:

Exit strategy concerns: 

Many entrepreneurs work hard to make a profit but struggle with planning for an eventual exit from their business. The conference will address this pain point by offering insights and ideas on passive income streams and strategies to ensure a successful exit.

Marketing challenges:

 Entrepreneurs often feel lost when it comes to marketing their businesses and need guidance on boosting their efforts. Zondra will be providing valuable information and support in this area, helping attendees improve their marketing strategies and outcomes.

Identity and self-worth: 

A common issue for entrepreneurs is not fully understanding their true potential and purpose, leading to feelings of inadequacy and the pressure to imitate others. The conference will tackle this pain point by helping attendees recognize their unique strengths and talents and embrace their individual paths to success.

What Will I Gain from Attending the Iron Sharpening Iron Conference?

According to Zondra, attendees will walk away with alternative, cost-effective strategies to market their businesses and create a digital strategy tailored to their needs. There will be a visual demonstration of Zondra TV’s studio, highlighting its growth and evolution. Participants will also gain insights into the importance of having a strategic plan and exit strategy for their businesses.

According to Trudy, one of the most significant takeaways from the conference is the introduction of a communication tool that can help improve relationships both in business and personal life, such as marriages. This tool will aid in addressing communication conflicts within the workplace, between staff members, and even in personal relationships. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of themselves and learn how to effectively communicate with others.

By attending the Iron Sharpening Iron Conference, participants will not only learn from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs like Zondra and Trudy but also gain valuable tools and strategies to help their businesses thrive.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn, grow, and network with like-minded entrepreneurs at the Iron Sharpening Iron Conference. Click here to register: https://nehemiahecommunity.com/event/iron-sharpening-iron-apr23/

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March 10th, 2023|E-Community Podcast|

2023 Northwest Center Graduation: The Nehemiah Training and Coaching Experience

Guiding entrepreneurs in developing a Christian perspective of business and finance, the Nehemiah Project is excited to host an upcoming graduation for those who completed the Nehemiah Training and Coaching program.

On the episode, Patrice Tsague is joined by Debra Schlaht and Wendie Klem to talk about the upcoming Northwest Center Graduation. As director of the Nehemiah Training and Coaching program, Debra gives an insightful look into the program and the experience that graduating entrepreneurs have had.

The curriculum includes:

  • Identity & Destiny- helps entrepreneurs identify God’s calling for their lives and position themselves to fulfill that destiny.
  • Nothing but a jar of oil- helps entrepreneurs learn to tap into their God-given resources, develop a business mindset and faith-based approach to entrepreneurship.
  • Passive income continuum- teaches entrepreneurs how to utilize passive income streams and other non-traditional means of generating revenue.
  • BE Course (Biblical Entrepreneurship)- our flagship course helping entrepreneurs build a biblical foundation for their business and equip them with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to develop and grow profitable businesses. This is a three-step course that involves understanding the biblical principles of biblical entrepreneurship, their practical implications and the planning of a Kingdom Business to honor God.

What Can You Expect When You Sign up for the Nehemiah Training and Coaching?

A Program That Can Be Customized to Meet Your Needs

The program works with you and your unique situation, no matter the stage of business you are in. We don’t expect you to have any prior knowledge or experience, we will nurture and develop your understanding as we go along.

A Self-paced Program

We understand that as an entrepreneur you have a lot to manage and are often busy, so we have designed this program to be flexible. You can work through the training at your own pace, and even choose when you access certain elements of the program to suit you.

Practical Support in Applying Biblical Principles

The Nehemiah Training and Coaching Program offers more than just knowledge and understanding. We help you to apply the Biblical principles in a practical way, so you can make positive changes that will benefit your business immediately.

Develop a Plan

Crafting a plan for your business is essential to its success. We will help you develop an actionable plan that you can use to move forward and make your business more profitable and resilient.

Align Your Goals with God’s Plan for Your Life

Your success and abundance should be in line with God’s plan for your life. We will guide you through the process of aligning your goals and dreams with His perfect will. With Nehemiah Training and Coaching Program, you can find a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment in your business pursuits.

You Won’t Do it Alone

We understand that running a business can be daunting, but with the right guidance and support you will find it easier to succeed. Our program provides personalized one-on-one coaching to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, overcome challenges, and create solutions for success.

The 2023 Northwest Center Graduation: What to Expect

Going through the Nehemiah Training and Coaching program is a big achievement that deserves to be celebrated. And here at Nehemiah, we do it differently.

First, we’ll have a Business Plan Competition where participants of the BE Course will compete as they showcase their business plans to a panel of judges. The winner gets to proceed to compete at the International Business Competition during Nehemiah Week.

Next, we’ll celebrate all graduates with a gala graduation ceremony where each graduate will receive a certificate for completing the courses.

So, join us for the upcoming 2023 Northwest Center Graduation on March 7th. Come and be inspired by their stories and get insights from their business and Kingdom impact strategies.

March 3rd, 2023|E-Community Podcast|

The Couples in Business Lifegroup

On this episode, Patrice hosts members of the Couples in Business Life Group. Gina Tsague, Tony & Ana Maria Lowry, David & Zipporah Kamuiru, and Lonny & Sherri Hutchison to talk about finding the perfect balance between work and home life while running a business as  a married couple.

Gina Tsague is the wife of Patrice Tsague and Co-founder of the Nehemiah Project International Ministries. Ana Maria and Tony Lowry, the dynamic duo behind A&P International in Orlando, FL, have been running their business for over 30 years. Ana Maria is also the Regional Director of the North America Nehemiah Project.

David and Zipporah Kamuiru, originally from Nairobi, Kenya, live in Flushing, MI and are Biblical Entrepreneurs and passive income coaches. Additionally, Zipporah serves as Podcast Producer with The Nehemiah Project.Lonny and Sherri Hutchison round out this extraordinary team of couples in business.  Sherri and Lonny live in Portland, OR and are now in the season of life where they are specializing in helping others achieve that which they have achieved – financial freedom through passive income strategies.

Started and moderated by Patrice and Gina Tsague, The Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community Couples in Business Life Group is a monthly small group of entrepreneurial couples who desire to enhance their intimacy with the Lord while enhancing their marriage and business.

The group has been meeting once a month since June 2019 for mutual accountability, encouragement and various discussions. In addition to meeting monthly, the couples have an in-person retreat once a year. Here the Life Group members have the privilege of residing together for a few days enjoying shared activities including cooking meals, playing games, taking walks, and learning together. 

In this podcast, the four couples begin to share the benefits and challenges of life as partners in both marriage and business. They discuss their experiences in the Life Group and , and the benefits of being part of this community. This episode is only a preview of the coming February 8, 2023 Couples in Business Forum where we shall dig deeper into the joys and difficulties, benefits and heartaches of doing business together as a married couple. 

Are you a married couple working together in a Kingdom business? Do you struggle with finding a balance between your varying roles as spouse and business partner? Do you long to experience greater intimacy in your marriage while still running a successful business? No matter what stage your business is in, we believe you can enjoy both, and at the Couples in Business Forum on February 8, 2023, you will learn how. 

Featuring guest speakers, Jason and Tori Benham, authors of Beauty in Marriage: Winning in Battle by Waging a War, the Couples in Business Forum will provide insights on how to protect your marriage while building a successful business. You will take away keys to building a thriving marriage as an entrepreneur, and learn how other entrepreneur couples just like you have minimized the risk their business presents to the marriage to find their sweet spot. 

Join the Life Group members from this podcast in a panel discussion on the Forum where they will delve into the challenges of being married and running a business, as well as the lessons they have learned along the way that are helping them thrive in both. Please register here and let’s together discover the beauty of the two becoming one in marriage and in business. 

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January 30th, 2023|E-Community Podcast|

Religious Freedom in the Marketplace

Are you a Christian business owner struggling to exercise your religious freedom? Do you feel alone and unsure of how to navigate the tension between violating your conscience and religious expression and violating a governmental mandate? As Christians, we are called to have compassion, love our neighbor, and love those around us who may not live or believe like we do, but what do you do when you become the target of today’s Cancel Culture? Have you wondered, “What now? What next?” and uncertain where to turn to?

On this podcast, Patrice Tsague introduces Shannon Royce, President of the Christian Employers Alliance (CEA) and guest panelist on the January 25, 2023 Nehemiah E-Community Global Forum on Religious Freedom in the Marketplace: How to be Salt and Light in a Hostile Environment. The CEA is an association of Christian-owned businesses whose mission is to unite, equip and represent Christian-owned businesses and to protect religious freedom in the marketplace.

On the podcast, Shannon and Patrice explore the birth of the CEA out of Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit against a mandate of the US Government that violated the company owners’ ability to live out their Christian convictions and faith in the conduct of their business. In addition, they discuss how the CEA works to help Christian-owned businesses defend their right to exercise their constitutional religious freedoms and how they advocate for Christian-owned businesses to operate without fear of retribution or discrimination amidst Cancel Culture.

The Christian Employers Alliance is an easily accessible, affordable membership organization. It exists to provide education and solutions to help Christian businesses navigate marketplace challenges. It exposes Christian businesses to key congressional leaders and experts and creates opportunities for Christian businesses to have personal connections and support.

In addition, the CEA provides advocacy and legal representation for Christian businesses in contesting legislative mandates that infringe on religious freedoms. Their third annual conference, which brings together each of CEA’s objectives, will take place at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, on September 28-29, 2023. Details will be available on their website.

A member of the CEA, the Nehemiah Project International Ministries has partnered with the CEA for the January 25th Global Forum on Religious Freedom. Bringing together public and private sector leaders, the Forum will discuss religious freedom and reassure and bolster every marketplace Christian brother and sister.

If you’re looking for answers on how to live out your faith in the current environment that is increasingly hostile to Christian businesses, employers and employees, please register here to join us at the Global Forum on Religious Freedom on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, at 10 am-12 pm Eastern Standard Time (7-9 am PDT).

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January 17th, 2023|E-Community Podcast|

The Gift of Business – EC Podcast: Host Patrice Tsague with the E-Community Leaders

For this year’s Giving Tuesday, Patrice met up with E-community leaders across the globe to see the impact of their work, and the powerful stories behind their inspiring initiatives. 

The Gift of Business: Texas, USA

First up is Trudy Hankins, who is the newest member on board. She’s the director of the new E-community Center in Dallas Fort Worth that was launched on 14th September. Passionate about her mission and vision for the center, Trudy shares how it’s helping to empower local entrepreneurs.

The Gift of Business: Bulgaria

Patrice also speaks to Arman & Petya Lalane, a couple working with Bulgarian biblical entrepreneurs. It’s amazing how the pair manage to run their operations from California while supporting entrepreneurs in Bulgaria. Their story is a powerful testament to the power of global connection and support.

According to Arman, when you impact 6% of entrepreneurs in a country, you impact the whole nation and its economy. Every dollar counts in making the training and coaching program affordable for Bulgarians.

The Gift of Business: Florida, USA

Patrice also talks to Samuel Lowry, who amazingly works alongside his mom Ana Maria Lowry who’s the founder and CEO of A & P International and director of the E-Community Center in Orlando, Florida that works with the Hispanic community. Seeing that the Hispanic community is the largest minority group in the USA, the Orlando Center offers training and coaching programs in both English and Spanish.

Samuel also points out how they are supporting immigrants by assisting them in starting businesses and leading to financial freedom–and that donor funds would help them make an even greater impact.

The Gift of Business: Asia Pacific

Moving on to Asia, Patrice speaks to Poh Sim Saw, the director for the Asia Pacific region to discuss the impact of the Nehemiah Project. Poh Sim Saw explains how the Nehemiah Project is helping to empower Asian entrepreneurs to build sustainable enterprises and businesses, tackling issues such as poverty, and lack of access to resources.

She shares an inspiring story of Joy and Jino, a couple that took second place in the International Business Plan Competition this year. They were only able to do so because they received a subsidy for the BE Course, which they otherwise could not afford.

Poh Sim Saw explains that the success of Joy and Jino shows that through Nehemiah Project, they are able to provide access to resources and knowledge to people who would not have had it before, and make an impact through job creation, economic empowerment, and social development.

Donating to our cause will go a long way in Asia. Many entrepreneurs need help launching their businesses, and with your donation, we can continue translating our courses into Mandarin, Hindu, and Thai.

The Gift of Business: Nairobi, Kenya

To wrap it up, Patrice speaks to Frank Kitonga, the Founder of Blueflame International and Country Director of Nehemiah Project Kenya. Kenya has had great success in the International Business Plan competition having won the last three years in a row.

Frank explains how Nehemiah Project has helped entrepreneurs there to access capital, build businesses, and create jobs, giving examples of the current IBPC winner, Dominic Gitau, who grew up in the slums but has managed to transform his life and is creating employment to help other people in his community, and that of Rina Hicks, who won the IBPC in 2021, and is making a difference through financial inclusion.

Nehemiah Project Kenya has also managed to start a radio station, Hope Fm which is among the top three currently in Kenya and hopefully will make it to the top when they include programs in Swahili. Frank also hopes to have the BE, Business Success Accelerator, Identity and Destity and the Sustainable Church Initiative programs translated into Swahili to make more impact, not only in Kenya but also in Africa at large. However, this is only possible with your support.

We are calling upon you to give the Gift of Business. Support a Kingom Business, and a biblical entrepreneur by donating to the Nehemiah Project. Click here to donate:https://give.nehemiahecommunity.com/

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December 7th, 2022|E-Community Podcast|

BREAKING THE BARRIERS (for Trainers and Coaches)with Guests Debra and Lorna

Debra and Lorna are no strangers to the Nehemiah E-Community or to the E-Community Podcast. Debra, Director of Training and Coaching, Chief Cultural Officer, and Founding Partner for KBC International for Nehemiah Project International Ministries, is a co-host in the E-Community’s Women in Business podcast Take a Breath

Lorna Mutegi is a certified coach and trainer with Nehemiah Project International Ministries in Nairobi, Kenya. She was a guest on the podcast in January 2022 to discuss her business, Sunergos Entrepreneurship Community Center. 

Today Lorna and Debra join Patrice to discuss tomorrow’s (Tuesday, November 8, 2022) FREE seminar titled: BREAKING THE BARRIERS: Rise to the occasion trainers & coaches. Stop operating in Fear! 

These two fearless leaders will host tomorrow’s seminar and explore barriers to stepping into becoming a trainer or coach, how to integrate Christian beliefs and ethics in training and coaching, and how to become an agent of change in the secular marketplace. 

Patrice Tsague will be the guest speaker and will address influencing the marketplace through becoming a certified trainer/coach. 

If you find yourself in situations where you are training and coaching individuals in your community, if you aspire to uplift entrepreneurs through training and coaching; if you are already a trainer or coach and are looking to incorporate biblical practices and principles in your coaching business; if you are a business owner, corporate or church leader, this seminar is for you! Please click here to sign up. 

Again, this FREE seminar takes place tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8, 2022, from 7:15 am-8:15 am PST (10:15 am-11:15 am EST). We look forward to seeing you there. 

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November 8th, 2022|E-Community Podcast|
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