Nehemiah Project Urban Impact | Charlotte Center Virtual Launch Part I

Nehemiah Project Urban Impact Charlotte Center is finally launched!!! This center aims at reaching out to people that love people and those who are selfless. In the process, it hopes to give birth to other centers and organizations full of selfless people and will do businesses according to God’s word.

Women entrepreneurs making history tend to be caught up in all that is happening around them because generally, women are nurturers. During this Charlotte Center virtual launch Joan T. Randall reminds us that pain is temporary because for her she went through a lot of pain but then the joy came in the morning. She encourages the women out there to take full control of who they are as a person since that is where it all begins.

Nehemiah Project Urban Impact | Charlotte Center Virtual Launch Part II

Charlotte center aims at allowing people to grow financially, knowing what to do when handling their businesses. Robin R. Haynes is a financial advisor who is passionate about what she does. She says that growing up in a two-parent home gave her a very strong foundation which has a huge impact on what she does. Entrepreneurship is hard and so is to be successful.

You cannot earn success instead you have to show up daily and do that one thing. Robin says that giving tithes and offering are important. As you go about your business, remember to give to God and be faithful with the little you have.

Nehemiah Project Urban Impact | Charlotte Center Virtual Launch Part III

Charlotte center hopes to help people think about what they can do and launching this center just amplifies the goal. Aimee Griffin acknowledges how important supporting each other is and she goes ahead to say that when people come together, great things happen.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to nurture the small things that you have. In some way, little becomes much. Always aim to make the most out of your day jobs, that is where you make great connections. These connections will eventually help when you start your business.
In whichever way you can, go out and support each other because this is how we grow.

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