Charlotte E-Community Center Opening

The Charlotte E-Community Center Opening reinforces the reunification within our communities while providing opportunities for our youth through training, coaching, and giving them access to capital. The center is aiming at doing this through engaging in community cultural activities such as Golf For A Change and the Top Golf Business Challenge. Rev. Charles Kearse says that the biggest aim of the urban community is to change people’s lives and impact them in ways that will not only be good to them but to those around them too. As part of impacting communities Dr. Joel Freeman who wrote a book on Black History shares that the book wasn’t written based on his experiences but from the experiences of the people he had lived with and he felt that there was the need to speak about the world hence the book. Black History 365 currently is looking at raising about 100 million to give to police officers in South Carolina and in the process train them on various things that will positively impact their lives. The Charlotte center aims at creating a space where they can change people’s lives but first creating a safe space for them to interact and talk freely. While this is being done, the movement wants to do it in a way that no one gets offended. God has amazing plans for each one of us even if we may not know what they are exactly. It is that knowing that keeps us going towards achieving amazing things.

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