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Identity and Destiny: Finding our God-Given Sweet Spot

Identity and Destiny: Finding our God-Given Sweet Spot

What is your identity and Destiny?

Not so long ago, when I was asked, “what do you do?” I automatically answered with the first thing that came to my mind, that is, with my job: translation. However, I was never satisfied with the answer because I did not feel I totally identify with it. This does not mean that I don’t like what I do or that I am not proud of it. I love my job, and I owe everything to translation! Thanks to it, I can provide for my family, learn new things every day, and meet wonderful people with whom I usually establish incredibly special bonds.

However, by stating that my job was my only identity, I was falling short of describing who I really am and what I seek to achieve. Yes, I devote a great deal of my time to my work, and clearly, it is a part of me. But my true identity goes far beyond my craft.

This is a mistake we often fall into: thinking that our main occupation is our only identity. We are more than that. All of us belong to a family and to a society that needs us. Our identity is constituted by a series of factors that are intrinsically linked to who we are as human and spiritual beings who come to this world to fulfill a purpose. It has to do with our beliefs, our core values, our worldview, our talents, and our weaknesses, but, above all, with our calling, what we are meant to be and do.

This calling is a natural force in our souls! It is the voice of God that urges us to live, setting us on a path that ultimately determines our identity and destiny. However, quite often, the daily grind of life prevents us from hearing this voice, and we live our lives on autopilot, which sadly leads us to feel stagnant, frustrated, and lacking a clear identity and purpose. That is why it is critical to discover these two aspects because although we may have some clues about what we want and what we don’t want, it is up to us to show up and do the work.

Fortunately, we now have a wonderful resource to focus on this discovery. The Identity and Destiny (I&D) Program by Tom and Pam Wolf is a great resource to help you discover your God-given sweet spot. Through dynamic activities that are full of reflection based on the wisdom of the Scriptures, the program will encourage you to rediscover your true essence, evaluate your core values, fears, and talents, and direct your life toward all that God has created you to be and do in this world and for His Kingdom’s purposes.

Today, after giving myself the chance to attend the I&D Program, when someone asks me what I do in life, I always answer with certainty and conviction: I am someone who seeks to create worthwhile work. A&P International, in partnership with Nehemiah Project International Ministries,  runs the I&D Program for both men and women in either English or Spanish. To find out more and sign up for an upcoming I&D class, click HERE

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