What is Women in Business?

For the past year, Women in Business has been creating jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for women around the world. Their services supply participants with community, training, coaching, and access to capital. The program has allowed countless women to find balance and alignment between their work, faith, and home lives. The platform has been able to foster a strong foundation of women who support each other and their desires to serve God according to their calling. With this support, women have been able to use new tools, processes, and systems to grow businesses and create flourishing communities.

Listen to the Women in Business podcast series, Take a Breath

As an extension of Women in Business, Wendie Klem and Debra Schlaht, the founders of Nehemiah Women in Business, host a series on our E-Community podcast that focuses on their vision for the Women in Business Program. Tune in with Wendie and Debra as they discuss current events, both social and business-related, with a diverse and noteworthy group of professionals and business leaders. Watch the podcast on YouTubeFacebook, Apple Podcasts, and most other streaming platforms.

In the newest episode, Wendie and Debra were delighted to be joined by Krystal Parker in a collaborative effort to build up women through partnership.