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BE Alumni, Don’t Miss This!

BE Alumni, Don’t Miss This!

Recently, this was written about Dean Blankenship: “At the end of his rope, Dean cried out to God to either save him or take him.” Dean remembers the conviction he felt in his heart as he turned his life over to God: “I knew that I had never finished anything in my life that I’d started and that if this was for real, I would have to give it my all.” Dean Blankenship is a living testimony to the fact that God is still very active in the renovation business.

Find out who Dean is, what God is doing in this BE Alumni, and what he has learned about Spiritual Warfare during our virtual connect webinar on Tuesday, August 1, 7:00 am – 8:30 am (PDT) by registering HERE.

Want to learn more about Biblical Warfare in the Marketplace? Connect with our blog and podcast HERE or join us for Nehemiah Week.

Thinking of Going Into Business Together?

In an article aptly named, “Going Into Business With Your Spouse: Do Or Die?” the Forbes writer pens:

“Thinking of going into business with your significant other? Married couples, in business together, have extreme opinions when asked about it. It’s either the best thing that happened to them, or the worst. Very few couples (if any at all) are indifferent about running a business with their spouse.

If the former, the couples end up writing books on ‘how to run a successful business with your spouse’ and fly around the world lecturing people on how to attain this perfect partnership balance. If the latter, the couples usually end up in a long-winded divorce, battling about who did what in the business, and who deserves to get more. I’m sure we all know at least one or two people who’ve gone through this.”

Building a business is not easy and doing it as a couple can be even more of a challenge. As kingdom entrepreneurs it is important to discover how to love each other while building a business that brings honor to God and blesses others.

The Couples in Business course is a blend of marriage enrichment, family development, and business enhancement, designed to help entrepreneurs enhance their marriage and their family life while growing a successful Kingdom business. This course focuses on five areas:

  1. Faith – How do you truly become one and conform to the image and likeness of God?
  2. Family – How do you honor Christ in your family while fulfilling the dominion mandate?
  3. Business – How do you glorify God through your business while building a profitable company with an eternal impact?
  4. Philanthropy – How do you worship God through your abundance while making a difference in your community and in nations?
  5. Fun – How do you celebrate your success while enjoying God’s goodness?
  6. Don’t let your marriage or business become another statistic

Instead, rise above the status quo and invest into the marriage, business, and future you desire.

Sustainable Missions: Madagascar

madagascar - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community

Our partnership with First Presbyterian Church of Orlando began more than six years ago and continues to grow stronger each year. Under the leadership of Malanto Rabary,
EB Mada has been able to:

  • Train more than 500 entrepreneurs that have created hundreds of jobs.
  • Started a micro-fund company that has provided $35,000 in loans.
  • Produce two second place and two first place winners at the International Business Plan Competition. The goal is to win the 2017 International Business Plan Competition and take home the trophy permanently.

As part of the visit, Carol, from FPCO, and Patrice visited five biblical entrepreneur’s businesses. These five companies alone have:

  • Created over 100 jobs.
  • Some have sponsored their employees to the BE program.
  • Provide employees with living wages and additional benefits, including loan assistance to start their own businesses and assist with educational tuition.

It’s not difficult to understand why the EB Mada program is considered the best international country model in the Nehemiah Project network.

What is next for this vibrant team? Find out at our new Sustainable Missions Blog and read Patrice’s field reports in full.

To learn how to connect to Sustainable Missions, contact Debra Schlaht at

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