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Poh Sim serves as the E-Community Director of Nehemiah Project. The E-Community was created as a custom virtual platform for membership engagement in training, coaching and access to capital. Poh Sim develops and manages the E-Community platform, runs the Publishing department, builds an international support team, architects the organization’s technology support, executes marketing strategies, and directs the brand creation of all products and services. Poh Sim runs her own media company having served clients like Nestle, World Vision, and YWAM. She also pioneered a church plant and is part of the church management board.

Nehemiah Week Early Bird Closing Soon

2017-07-26T15:59:38-07:00July 26th, 2017|

Nehemiah Week 2017 05 Days 04 Hours 25 Minutes   By the time you read this, there will be less than 5 full days to get the Early Bird rate for Nehemiah Week! The theme this year is Spiritual Warfare in the Marketplace because we know that spiritual warfare [...]

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BE Alumni, Don’t Miss This!

2017-07-19T16:02:26-07:00July 19th, 2017|

BE Alumni, Don't Miss This! Recently, this was written about Dean Blankenship: “At the end of his rope, Dean cried out to God to either save him or take him." Dean remembers the conviction he felt in his heart as he turned his life over to God: “I knew that I [...]

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Two Become One in Business

2017-07-13T03:32:25-07:00July 12th, 2017|

Two Become One in Business Growing up in a Christian church and community we often hear, “man and woman become one when they are married." Mark 10:7-9 reads “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one [...]

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Breakthrough With Biblical Entrepreneurship

2017-06-28T08:10:26-07:00June 28th, 2017|

Identifying Your Breakthrough With Biblical Entrepreneurship Whether in business, relationships, or internally, life has many challenges; we all experience them in different seasons of life. These challenges can cause pain, brokenness, despair, and sometimes cause us to feel like giving up. We know we can pray, read scripture, and we know [...]

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Nehemiah Week 2017

2017-06-22T06:32:13-07:00June 22nd, 2017|

Nehemiah Weekend US October 16 - 22, 2017 Is Nehemiah Week 2017 on your calendar? It will not be the same without YOU! Our theme this year is "Spiritual Warfare in the Marketplace" and we have a roster of great speakers and events lined up. Click HERE to get the all of [...]

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War on Health

2019-01-19T08:23:40-08:00June 7th, 2017|

War on Health Do you know that your health and wellness has an impact on your personal and business productivity? Do you know you have an enemy who wants to steal, kill, and destroy you through sickness and disease? According to the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease, 133 million [...]

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