Have you thought of multiplication as faithfulness to God, or of not multiplying (remaining stagnant) as laziness and wickedness? Has the perspective of passive income as a protective barrier crossed your mind? David Benham touches on these thoughts and more when he visits Patrice to discuss Passive Income and the upcoming Passive Income Global Forum.

David is the other half of a twin-brother-duo known together as the Benham Brothers. David and Jason  Benham, are both former professional baseball players, nationally acclaimed entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, and Co-Founders of Expert Ownership.

Expert Ownership is a master coaching program for business owners, entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders. The program is designed to guide business owners and leaders from choppy waters of long, tedious hours manning their business or organization to the safe harbor of creating and living off passive income, freeing them to pursue their God-given passion and mission and make an impact for God’s glory.

In this podcast, David Benham only begins to scratch the surface of the wealth of knowledge he and his brother will be bringing as the featured speakers at the Thursday, September 29, 2022, Passive Income Global Forum. During the Passive Income Global Forum, you will hear how the Lord prepared the Benhams for such a time as this when in partnership with the Nehemiah Project, they are equipping the people of God to be faithful, cultivate the land and multiply.

You will also hear from other entrepreneurs, investment experts, and investors who are on the passive income journey to achieve true financial freedom. The Passive Income Global Forum will also feature other special guests including, Lee Escobar, Lonny and Sherri Hutchison, and Rina Hicks.

The Passive Income Global Forum is FREE for all paying EC Members and $25 for Bronze and Non-members.

Register here for the Thursday, September 29, 2022, Passive Income Global Forum.

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