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New Book Alert: “If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going!”

If You're Going Through Hell Keep Going

In this episode, host Patrice Tsague is joined by Kim Billips, the author of “If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going!” and Director of Creative Marketing at Timothy Partners, a valued partner and sponsor of the Nehemiah Project. 

In this podcast, Kim shares her personal journey, which led to the creation of her upcoming book. Through the lens of her own experiences, Kim discusses how to handle life’s trials and challenges, particularly for women.

If you’ve ever faced adversity or wondered how to keep going in difficult times, this conversation is not to be missed. Kim’s story offers valuable insights and inspiration to help you navigate through life’s toughest moments

How Did the Book “If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going” Come to Be?

Kim Billips’ journey that inspired her book “If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going” began with her upbringing in a Christian household. Her initial aspirations were to attend the Juilliard School of Music and become a professional percussionist, but instead, she pursued a degree in Spanish in Central Florida and Spain, where she met her husband.

After having three children, life took a turn for the worse when Kim discovered her husband’s betrayal, just three days after her 40th birthday. This difficult event led to her experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, which manifested in a familial tremor.

During this challenging period, Kim found solace in a quote by Sir Winston Churchill, which would become the title of her book: “If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going.” However, her health continued to decline, and she was eventually diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, much to her shock and disbelief. 
Despite her young age and being a woman, she had defied the odds and developed a condition typically associated with older men. Through her book, Kim shares her story of resilience, faith, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

If you want to hear more about Kim’s journey and how she managed to find hope and encouragement in the midst of adversity, watch the full episode on YouTube. You’ll be inspired by her courage, faith, and ability to keep going despite the circumstances.

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