When emerging as a Kingdom business leader we often think that we are not good enough to realize the potential God has placed in us.

It is sometimes difficult for us to realize that we have the capability to become a Kingdom business leader. Due to society’s limiting belief systems, we tend to compare ourselves with others rather than focus on our inner strengths. In order for us to fulfil our God-given purpose, we must understand our true identity and destiny.

Therefore, to emerge as a Kingdom business leader we need to step out of our comfort zones wisely and genuinely seek to be ourselves. It involves walking with God as you unlearn the false or wrong belief systems that have been ingrained by your environment or circumstances.

Your unique experiences in life will enable you to identify your gifts and talents as you walk with God through this process. These insights will guide you to serve others and to honour God as an emerging Kingdom business leader.

It does not matter what background one has in order to be a Kingdom business leader. It is often those circumstances, situations, challenges and failures that we overcome that become our gift to the world in the form of valuable lessons.

Emerging as a Kingdom business leader requires courage as it calls one to be transparent and honest throughout the process. This may involve wearing the lessons you have gained from your mistakes on your sleeves consistently. Therefore, it is not for the faint-hearted and it requires a thick skin to be a Kingdom business leader.

However, the Word of God gives us encouragement throughout the journey of emerging as a Kingdom business leader. God is faithful to fulfil His Word and we can lean on His Holy Spirit to guide and empower us through all the stages required for one to emerge as a Kingdom business leader.

There is always a wilderness experience in the journey of life and business, as every emerging business leader can attest to. The process of being formed, moulded, and shaped is scary and demanding, but we also discover our core values, which line up with God’s purpose for our lives and businesses.

Therefore, it is important to stay connected to a community throughout the process of emerging as a Kingdom business leader. The encouragement and support one gets from like-minded individuals is paramount to one’s success in business or life for that matter.

When we understand who we are and what we are meant for, we can apply our gifts and talents to serve God more effectively. Our God is a God of excellence. Life is full of challenges, especially for entrepreneurs. We are therefore encouraged to stay the course as Kingdom business leaders as demonstrated in 2 Timothy 1:7 – walk in Love in God’s strength.

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