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The Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification Program in 2023

Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification

On this episode, host Patrice Tsague sits down with guests Debra Schlaht, and Lorna Mutegi to discuss the Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification.

Lorna Mutegi is a Master Trainer, Coach, and Center Director in Kenya, while Debra is the Director for Training and Coaching at the Nehemiah Project. 

Together, they explore the opportunities and benefits of becoming a certified trainer and coach with a kingdom perspective through Nehemiah Entrepreneur Community Centers.

During the discussion, they delve into the certification process, which equips individuals to teach, train, and make money through training. As certified trainers and coaches, individuals can leverage their skills to create a profitable practice in various areas of expertise.

In addition, the conversation highlights the successes of those who have completed the certification and have gone on to build thriving training and coaching businesses.

With Lorna’s firsthand experience as both a certified trainer and a Center Director, listeners are given an insider’s look into how the certification has impacted her professional life and the lives of others she employs.

Debra, as the Director of Training and Coaching, also offers her expertise in guiding aspiring trainers and coaches through the certification process and helping them find success in their chosen fields.

If you’ve ever considered teaching, training, or making money through training, this episode provides valuable insights into how you can become a certified trainer and monetize your skills.

What is Biblical Entrepreneurship?

Debra explains that it revolves around building a kingdom business focused on a quadruple bottom line, which includes people, profit, planet, and the eternal component. She emphasizes the importance of applying biblical principles to businesses, walking out faith, and making a difference in the world.

Lorna highlights the importance of operational excellence and conviction when it comes to biblical entrepreneurship. She underscores that entrepreneurs wield significant influence and power within their communities, and therefore, understanding God’s heart and desire for business is crucial. 

Lorna also stresses the need for excellence in every aspect of business, from stakeholder care to how entrepreneurs present themselves. By implementing best practices and aligning with God’s intentions for profit and wealth creation, entrepreneurs can fulfill their responsibilities and make the desired impact through their businesses.

How Do I Enrol to the Nehemiah E-Community Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification Program?

Are you interested in joining the Nehemiah E-Community Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification Program? Click here to get started, then fill out an interest form to help us get to know you without commitment and assess whether the program is a good fit for you.

Lorna or Debra will help you understand the certification process, expectations, and we’ll also like to how you will use the certification in the marketplace. 

Keep in mind that the program also provides support in marketing, sales techniques, and other tools. By participating in the preliminary process,we can ensure that you are well-informed and aware of the necessary steps for successful enrollment and completion of the course. 

Our next class starts on May 10th, click here to start:

Lorna Mutegi’s Journey with Biblical Entrepreneurship Training

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be part of the Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification program? Lorna Mutegi shares her story as a second-generation family business owner who took the program during the COVID pandemic. With more time to sit at home and learn, she discovered the quadruple bottom-line approach and how to rely on prayer and the Holy Spirit during difficult times.

The Identity and Destiny program, helped Lorna understand her purpose and identity, giving her newfound clarity and conviction. As a result, she became involved in training and coaching, finding a true sense of purpose in her work. 

She shares an example of speaking at a Women In Business conference with 3,600 attendees, and after discussing biblical entrepreneurship principles, she found herself surrounded by women eager to learn more.

Biblical entrepreneurship helps entrepreneurs navigate the demanding and uncertain marketplace by focusing on innovation, adaptation, and effective marketing strategies.

With countless confirmations of the program’s impact, Lorna’s journey demonstrates the transformational power of biblical entrepreneurship training and coaching.

Is the Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification Worth It?

Are you wondering if the Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification is worth your time and investment? 

Consider this: participants in the program not only learn valuable business and teaching skills, but also continue to grow their own acumen as they teach others. It’s a 360-degree experience that offers personal and professional development.

As for potential earnings, the sky’s the limit! Some trainers generate at least $12,000 a year in gross revenue, but with dedication and effective outreach, this number can certainly grow. The certification can be used to build a full-time career or simply serve as an additional income source, depending on your goals and time commitment. 

The Nehemiah E-Community supports trainers in their journey, offering guidance and resources to help them achieve their desired level of success.

So, if you’re looking to make a difference in the marketplace while also growing your own skills and income, the Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification might just be the perfect fit for you.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your skills and make an impact in the business world through biblical entrepreneurship.

To learn more about the Nehemiah E-Community Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer Certification and get started on your journey, click here: Join a global network of trainers and coaches dedicated to transforming the marketplace and make a lasting difference in the lives of entrepreneurs worldwide. 

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