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What I Learned At Nehemiah Week 2017

The most important and long lasting things I learned there were things I already knew, but they were powerfully reinforced over the week.:

  • It is very powerful when people, from all over the world, join together in love and unity. Even when we struggled to communicate because of the language barrier, there was such love and camaraderie.
  • God is on the move all over the world. It was inspiring to hear reports from countries such as Haiti to Madagascar about what God is doing in the lives of Kingdom Entrepreneurs.
  • KIngdom Entrepreneurs are such generous people. From the one who took all the participants on the Kingdom Business Tour on a fabulous boat ride to those who generously gave their time, energy, money, and heart to make this week so memorable.

Then there was what we learned about spiritual warfare from the presenter/teachers:

  • Peter Lowe relayed from his own life’s story, “My greatest defeats in spiritual warfare was when I simply didn’t show up to fight.” How true for so many of us. Bad things happen and our conclusion is that this is just the way life is. We don’t fight because we are not even aware that we are in a battle.
  • I love the insight that Bishop Johnson shared with us. It puts the Armor of God in a whole new light. “The purpose of the armor is to enable us to go into enemy territory and rescue the captives as we proclaim the Word.”
  • And this so very important insight, “Whenever we engage the enemy, we should never fight for victory but from victory”
  • Patrice spoke on the importance of being wise as serpents and gentle as doves. In other words, “If we are going to win in spiritual warfare, we have to be both spiritual and practical.”

Patrice later summarized in a devotional he wrote, “Wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove is the ability to operate offensively with gentleness and a pure heart. It is how Abraham was able to layout the foundation for the Hebrews to become a nation. It is how Jesus was able to realize the assignment that God the Father gave Him. It is how Paul was able to expand the Kingdom of God more than any of his contemporaries.”

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– posted by Randall Sanford

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