What’s in it for me!

What’s in it for me!


What’s in it for me!”

Value proposition as a business owner is important because this is the only way you will be able to solve your client’s challenges.

As you offer your value proposition make sure you highlight what exactly makes you different from the others and why your potential client should trust you. Also, it should be simple that is easy to explain and something that is easily understood. Being relevant is key in that you should be in a position to address your customer’s needs.

This is important because in most cases the customer knows what the issue is but they are not able to explain it. Try as much as you can to understand their wants/ fears and focus on those while delivering what they want.

As you do this, make your customer talk about all the challenges that they are experiencing because in most cases they are usually not able to tell what exactly the challenge is but then having an extra person look at the whole thing usually helps them.

Having a good grasp of the product and service you provide, knowing what’s in it for you, and being able to derive benefits from the quantifiable results.



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