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Meet the Modern Proverbs 31 Woman

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For the past few weeks, Take a Breath was focused on discussing The Proverbs 31 Woman. And today they bring to us a Modern Proverbs 31 Woman who owns and runs a business, Brooke Joyner.

This podcast begins with Brooke narrating about how God called her and her husband to start their business. Her mission is to help women grow in their businesses and personal lives through the practice of intentional time management, educational resources and coaching. She is passionate about helping other women reach their potential in life and business through biblical principles that fuel their mission, vision and purpose.

One of the business practices she employs in her business is boundaries on the time spent working.. I Having a clear schedule and boundaries on time is really important. Not only for the work, because then it gives you a deadline and helps you deliver on time.

Another great business practice she employs is good time management which helps you keep your sanity. Also be keen to continue growing and learning practical things for the growth of the business. Don’t forget to always align everything you do with God. Before starting anything always start of by making sure that God is in control of what you are doing through prayer.

In terms of Biblical principles, the Modern Proverbs 31 Woman should ensure that her business is serving the people and loving them as it would serve and love God. Always operate the business in a way that is consistent with your values. That means being intellectually honest and honest to the end. Following your beliefs, your values or perspectives to their logical conclusions, this is action.

Through everything always remember to ask God for courage to be able to do all that you desire.

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