Leadership can be defined as the ability to persuade others to work toward a common objective.

Our leadership talents are influenced by our backgrounds. Being born into a family of leaders encourages us to want to be great leaders. This is called natural leadership. Miriam, Moses’ sister, is a good example of a natural leader in the Bible.
We first witness Miriam’s leadership skills at a young age, when she was tasked with ensuring her newborn brother’s safety by placing him in the basket to save him. Later, she goes out of her way to assure his safety by requesting that her mother looks after the baby.
We may have all of the best leadership qualities but there are times when circumstances get in the way of us being the best leaders we can be. Some we may be aware of, while others we may be oblivious to. God grants us leadership qualities and skills, but we lose sight of our main purpose when we start comparing ourselves to others.
Even though we may have this natural quality when it comes to leading others, we may only go so far because like every other talent, leadership needs to be nurtured and developed while being used for God’s purpose. Our innate ability to lead may well be weakened if we lack strong faith and rely on God for guidance.
Miriam battled for the release of Israelites, but she failed to realize her own leadership flaws, resulting in a conflict with her brother Moses. She died before reaching the promised land because she did not repent of her sins. She faltered in the end, despite being a good leader.
When it comes to failing leadership, or when leadership is on the edge of failing, it’s critical to keep emotions and actions in check. When we start grumbling about what’s going on around us, we lose sight of our ultimate goals as leaders.
When we are going through a trying time, we must keep returning to God, who will restore our eyesight. When we fall short, we must go back and seek forgiveness from individuals we may have harmed or offended, as well as from God.
As leaders, we should understand that faltering and falling isn’t the end, for God will always restore us and our positions of leadership. God provides us with the resources we require to complete the job He has entrusted to us.

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