Joy Comes With The Morning

Joy comes with the morning always. Joy is something deep in us that never dies however much we feel disconnected from the things that happen around us.

It is okay to be kinder to yourself rather than having expectations on what you should do or how things should go. Having fewer expectations gives you an opportunity to experience things in their unique forms and at the same time experience the joy of the Lord.

Truth is, at times business might get tough but then remember your why always. This will keep you rooted and constantly remind you why you started and what you are passionate about. Also, remember your purpose. Ask yourself what your purpose is and what God wants you to do to the people around you through your business.

Finally, let go of the idea that everything should be perfect because this will only steal your joy. Accept that there are things that you are incapable of changing and that it is okay since also God understands that there is no way you are going to be perfect.

We have a God who loves us in our imperfect state and will make our imperfections perfect in his own time and always remember that joy will always come with the morning.

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