Are you a good starter or finisher?

Are you a good starter or finisher? The truth is we all struggle to start and finish tasks but that can be solved if we give a proper focus to all our tasks. Wendie and Debra talk about three ways to finish well and how to incorporate these in our daily tasks to enable us to finish the tasks we have allocated for the day. Distractions will always happen but how do you deal with them?

Do you allow them to take over or what do you do? In order to be productive, allocate time to your tasks and give each a priority. This will help you know which one is urgent and generally in what order to go about them. The moment you allocate time then put boundaries to your time because the tasks need to be done and there’s no way you will do them if people/things keep distracting you.

Sometimes the distractions are unavoidable, if you do then aim at getting back to your task immediately rather than postponing it. You may take longer if you do so and trust me you do not want that. On days when you do not complete them, forgive yourself because it is from that point of forgiveness that you will be in a headspace to keep going and finish everything.

Creating Your 2021 Strategy with Deb & Wendie:

Debra Schlaht 

Wendie Klem

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