Positive Mental Health

Positive Mental Health

Positive Mental Health


Mental health disorders come in many forms such as anxiety, depression, and dementia just to mention a few.

As most mental health disorders are associated with weakness in a social setting, people shy away from accepting that they have mental health problems, stating that they are too strong to suffer from them.

Aura Ayana Davis, the Founder/ Executive Director of Wilson Oasis says that many people hide their mental issues for the fear of feeling invalidated because they are unable to have conversations about such issues.

Finding individual help can be difficult at times because one may not know who to turn to for assistance or where to go for a safe space without feeling invalidated. Certain factors hinder people from being able to get access to mental health care such as poverty and racial discrimination barriers.

Creating an environment that allows people to have positive and productive mental health dialogues aids those who are afflicted in overcoming their problems. The workplace can be an important setting for activities aimed at improving adult well-being. Workplace wellness initiatives can help people decrease and manage stress by identifying those who are at risk, connecting them to treatment, and providing support. Employers and employees can save money on health care costs by addressing mental wellbeing in the workplace.

We should work toward creating healthy relationships as we work toward creating safe spaces to help us get through the difficult times we face.

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