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Take a Digital Tour of Kingdom Businesses Around the World at Nehemiah Week

“May the Lord God of your fathers make you a thousand times more numerous than you are, and bless you as He has promised you!”Deuteronomy 1:11 (NKJV)

Are you looking for new ways to expand your business? Are you ready for a week full of insightful life-long lasting mentorship?

Nehemiah Week kicks off on Monday August 10th with The Kingdom Business Virtual Tour. This Digital Tour will take participants through five countries in five different continents starting with Malaysia-Asia Pacific, Kenya-Africa, Ukraine-Europe, Mexico-Latin, and the United States of America-North America. The objective of the tour is to experience case studies of real-life transformational Kingdom companies from various regions of the world. Through the tour of the business and discussions with the owners we will learn about their current strategy for expansion and risk management in the midst of the pandemic, how they are dealing with Job creation and retention as well as how they are able to remain profitable while impacting the kingdom.

Malaysia – Precious Ones Collections, an educational toy retail outlet, offers parents and parents-to-be a wide range of quality, educational, creative toys and products for babies and children. Some of there products are also distributed to various shops in the Northern states of Malaysia. They started as a home-based business in 1999 and opened their retail shop in George Town, Penang Island, Malaysia in 2005. Since then, they have added book publishing to their services under their Precious Pages division.

United States – Kings Service Solutions is one of the fastest growing janitorial companies in central Florida providing commercial cleaning services for various organizations including hospitals, offices, construction sites and resorts. Despite coming close to coming out of the business, Arnaldo and Yanet Herrero used what they learned in Biblical Entrepreneurship to develop a Kingdom Company with solution oriented leadership culture and emphasis on employee care that has enabled them to maintain employee retention above industry standards and generate a profit superior to industry standards.

Kenya – MIQLAT homes provides homes for start-up families, where they can live, play and work. There is an acute shortage of housing in Kenya today so MIQLAT homes hopes to provide inexpensive spaces that boost self-esteem among its customers. What sets MIQLAT apart in this very competitive market is retractable fittings, play spaces, and solar lighting in shared spaces such as corridors and staircases.

Mexico – Sound City, a music school devoted to making each student feel a full artistic experience, have worked to develop a mentorship program between their teachers and students. Each student has an opportunity to record music or perform live through the school. They believe that the skills each student is taught will be able to be cared on for the remainder of their professional lives. Although COVID-19 was posed as an economic threat towards Sound City, Biblical Entrepreneurship equipped CEO, Yamil Rosales, with the skills that were necessary to help them prosper in an online environment.

Ukraine – In 2015, Andrii Solodovnyk and his wife started manufacturing small, wooden toys for their children. Once realizing the potential of their talents, Adnrii signed up for Biblical Entrepreneurship. Using these the skills he learned in the course, Adnrii grew his hobby into Allwoodenbiz, an online etsy store that sells handcrafted wooden toys. The online store has blossomed into a successful organization that sells wooden men, dollhouses, rocking toys, Christmas ornaments, educational toys, and hair accessories. In total, there are 150 products store-wide that consumers can purchase.

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