Join Debra Schlaht in becoming a job sponsor to help us build kingdom businesses that create sustainable jobs and impact communities around the world.

Debra Schlaht joined the Nehemiah Project Team eleven years ago after serving in the banking industry for more than twenty years as a single mother with two children. Her corporate career ended in 2004 as she was downsized from her career and became an entrepreneur before joining the Nehemiah Project.

“As a woman, I experienced the challenges of a demanding work environment, being the sole provider for my family, raising children as a single parent, and struggling to align my various roles with my faith.”

This, in part, is the reason why Debra not only enjoys her job but is also a committed donor sponsoring other entrepreneurs to ensure that other single women who struggle as she did may have access to the Biblical Entrepreneurship Program. As a result, they could build kingdom businesses that provide for their families and create sustainable jobs.

Let’s hear from Debra herself!

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