Identity and Destiny Now Available in Spanish

Identity and Destiny Now Available in Spanish

Identity and Destiny Now Available in Spanish

Access our brand new Identity and Destiny Spanish course!

Part of the Nehemiah Project’s 100K job creation strategy is to reach a greater diversity of people through our resources, classes, and products. The University of Miami has realized that like other minorities, Hispanics have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 compared to the white community. In most states, the number of Latino men and women affected by the coronavirus is higher than the percentage of their population in that state. In Utah, Latin Americans account for roughly 14% of the state’s population but withhold 29.2% of their coronavirus cases. By expanding Identity and Destiny and giving it more tangible access, we hope to provide a resourceful program for all communities in the US to create thriving Kingdom businesses that will inevitably create jobs.

What is Identity and Destiny?

Identity and Destiny is a course with a community of entrepreneurs that help you gain a clearer focus and understanding of your personal and work lives. Join Ana Maria Lowry in this powerful program that invites you to personally encounter God and maintain an understanding of your purpose and how to fulfill it!

The coursebook will soon be available digitally and in hard copy

For more information about the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Hispanic Initiative please email us at

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