We’re Expanding Our Brand as We Grow Our Outreach

Nehemiah Project International is enlarging the place of our tent and stretching our tent curtains wide; we are expanding our brand and growing our outreach! Founded more than two decades ago, we were originally established as “Biblical Entrepreneurship”. Within only a few years, we became Nehemiah Project International Ministries, Inc.  This name stands solidly as our leadership identity.

We recognize, however, that our global outreach today includes an aspect we couldn’t have foreseen twenty years ago. Integral to the ways we now serve our membership in 38 countries worldwide is how digital technology has allowed us to engage in ways that feel–and arepersonal. At Nehemiah International, business relationships transition rapidly to business-with-treasured-friends. We lead, we follow, we share, exchange, encourage, support, partner and grow together.

“Enlarge the place of your tent,
And let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings;
Do not spare;
Lengthen your cords,
And strengthen your stakes.”

Isaiah 54:2 New King James Version

Expanding Our Brand Digitally

Although we gather in person whenever the opportunity (and social distancing) permit, we have also built a powerful and dynamic online presence. Via the worldwide web and the tools of digital technology, we can see each other’s smiling face. We can chat anytime and from anywhere. We can readily exchange information, work collaboratively, learn and grow individually and collectively as Kingdom business leaders. We are an Entrepreneurship Community (E-Community) united by faith, vision, and mission. As such, we want our messaging to reflect our global diversity and unity.

Nehemiah E-Community Tells Our Story

As we tell our story to the world, we want people to understand both the depth of the Nehemiah Project International mission and the breadth of the global community who are a part of it. With this in mind, we’re making a few small but significant adjustments.

woman on a phone wearing a suit in front of a business buildingHere’s what’s changing:

  • In places where we once referred to ourselves as Nehemiah Project International, you may now see us as Nehemiah E-Community
  • When you enter “nehemiahecommunity.com” into your browser, you’ll find the Nehemiah Project International website.

Here’s what’s not changing:

  • We’ll still be using the name Nehemiah Project International for many aspects of our mission. And you’ll still find us at all the same places online. Type “www.nehemiahproject.org” into your browser and you’ll find exactly the same webpage you see when you enter “nehemiahecommunity.com”.
  • You’ll also still find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, just as you always have.

Now, when you see the name Nehemiah E-Community where you once saw Nehemiah Project International, you’ll know we are busy enlarging our tent to embrace our growing Entrepreneurship Community and expand our ministry.