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The Clark County Prayer Breakfast | Part 1

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The Clark County Prayer breakfast will feature “Our American Story” on Thursday November 4th 2021 between 7-9am Pacific.

“Our American Story” is about the stories of immigrants who came to the United States of America as a land of opportunities to reach the American Dream.

The Clark County Prayer breakfast was started twenty years ago to engage people as an honoring event for America’s civic leaders, first responders, wounded warriors and active military. Every year, this event features a special guest and an honored citizen who is part of the community and engages the community by serving and helping those who need help. In addition to the keynote speakers who are invited fir the Clark County Prayer breakfast, the event also focuses on its citizens.

Our guest, James Autry states that although the event is not purely evangelical, the Clark County Prayer breakfast opens and ends with prayer as a tradition. He continued to say that in the Bible, God told Jeremiah to pray for the Israelites before they went to battle in Babylon into captivity for seventy years. Prayer is a foundational part of everything.

As people gather for the prayer breakfast, they should purpose to pray for revival of the government, the constitution and the country as a whole. The Clark County prayer meeting will help mobilize people to become reformers who will facilitate the transformation of the city.

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