Nehemiah Week 2021 Day 2 Recap

The second day of the event Nehemiah Week-Thrive Through Crisis began with a devotion from Pastor Noella Lumande whose topic was “It’s Time”. He spoke about not just sitting there during a crisis but doing something to deliver yourself from your plight. During a crisis, our feelings tend to take over and control what we say, and sometimes we may not necessarily mean it. We however need to proclaim our strengths and not our failures because the power of life and death comes out of our words.
Declare God’s promises instead. Inherent to crisis is risk, which determines our mindset. We learn from making risks which provide both sides of learning. Knowing your purpose is key in making risks because once you know your identity, risks will be less scary. Systematically identifying the risks, openly talking about the risks, and building the required systems to be able to risk provide a cushion in case anything goes sideways. Remember that uncertainty will always be there, it is constant.
As a leader or business owner, one needs to accept the occurrence of a crisis but have the strength to stick to their principles and know their values no matter the looming loss. In matters of identity and destiny, discovering what God wants you to do pushes you in the right direction. Even in crisis, having a purpose and knowing your purpose, you will be able to see through God’s assignment for you.
Remember that your assignment is not your identity. Crisis involves financial implications, from loss of jobs to investors leaving but you should be able to stay true to the alignment of personal investments and assets. God takes us through difficult situations for us to be able to know that He is in control and that we can trust Him through all. Stay true to your mission statement!