Nehemiah E-Community Center Haiti Soft Launch

Nehemiah E-Community Center Haiti Soft Launch

Nehemiah E-Community Center Haiti Soft Launch

One of the aims of Nehemiah E-community is to build communities around the region and help bring the desired change. For change to be made it is important to link arms with people and create a common goal then work towards it. This will help bring back sanity to the marketing space.

Haiti center spearheaded by Pastor Edner Jeanty is another evidence that this community wants the best for the people and all it wants is to see progress and have many people come together to do business God’s way. Pastor Jeanty says that as much as Haiti is known to get a lot of aid, people in the grassroots are suffering. He adds that it is important to get to a point where people have sustainable jobs and are able to create wealth. The people in Haiti are already aware of the challenges they go through and as people look at sending aid to them, involve them in the process so that they are able to highlight the key areas.

Most people send in aid not knowing that through that the local market is slowly being killed since entrepreneurs won’t get anything because people are being handed down stuff. As a community that aims at building and nurturing kingdom entrepreneurs, how about we give them aid but provide solutions at the same time to issues that affect them.  Whenever you want to provide aid, aim at asking the rarely asked questions to be able to know the kind of aid that you are bringing in is impactful.

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