Making God #1 in Your Business

Making God #1 in Your Business

The Gift of Business

Making God number one in your business is a way for any Biblical Entrepreneur to praise God. It involves dedicating the people you employ and the clients you serve to God.

Making God #1 in Your Business author Maureen Kendall believes it sometimes takes a lot of hard times and lessons for entrepreneurs to realize they need to surrender their enterprises to God and make Him number one.

God shines through us in our weakest and lowest moments, letting us realize that He is in charge. When we call on Him, He assists us in focusing our vision and directing us in a new direction that will help us attain our objectives. He bestows our talents and abilities to us so that we can honor Him.

God helps us gain and achieve more without breaking a sweat when we put Him first in our businesses and stop stressing about the direction of the enterprises.

Making God the most important person in your life begins with a search for Him. All of these other things will be added when we seek God first. The calm and joy that comes with handing up your business to God are indescribable. This makes it easier for company owners to use their businesses to lead people to Jesus.

Always keep in mind that God made everything and that everything belongs to Him. Even your company. It was a demonstration of God’s strength when He granted you that business. Our sense of ownership over our company does not represent the divine nature that God has given us. As stewards, we should be deliberate in our business practices.

Maureen Kendall goes on to say that educating children that everything belongs to God instills intentionality and responsibility in them, as well as training them to prioritize God in everything they do. As kids get older, they will learn to be appreciative in this manner.

When we put God first in our enterprises, we recognize that we don’t have to shoulder all of the business’s burdens. When God takes charge, our tension, worry, and difficulties vanish.

Making God number one in your business assures you of a solid foundation.

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