Kingdom Business Tour Review

Kingdom Business Tour Review | Nehemiah Week 2021

Kingdom Business Tour Review

Starting a unique and unusual business that is considered “unconventional” in one’s communal setting can be quite a challenge.  

Rodney & Angela Kihenjo Founders of Pet Paradise, a kingdom business that offers grooming, play dates and boarding services for household pets state that having the courage and patience to build such a business from scratch in terms of getting customers and asserting yourself as a business owner is what leads to the success of the business.  

Certain factors can motivate one to pursue their business goals one of them being a strong support system when it comes to family, friends, or other people you associate with. However, the passion is not entirely fueled by external factors, loving what you are doing and owning it no matter the circumstances enables you thrive even in uncertainty.  Apart from the skills and support needed to give life to a new business idea, prayer is another stronger tool. 

Often times we tend to feel like all good business ideas have been taken but when we pray and establish strong faith in God He will show us our purpose and place in this world. The peace and certainty that comes with praying enables us turn dreams into reality.  After establishing a unique kingdom business and involving God throughout the process, we are sure of a breakthrough beyond human understanding. This same business that is considered unique or unconventional can be used to change people’s perceptions about certain services that are not so welcomed communally. 

Having visually appealing value to outstanding operational procedures greatly propels the business to a better position in the market.  We can all agree that it is not all the time that things go the way we intended them to and sometimes we may hit a rock bottom but having mentors to guide us throughout the journey can help ease the pressure and they may help us get through the toughest of times. 

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