Discovering your purpose

Discovering your purpose is key as you walk through this life and even as you look at starting your entrepreneurial journey because they are tied. Mr. Joseph Hunt from Real Life Academy shares his journey towards discovering his purpose and how he ended being a Kingdom entrepreneur. He adds that for him, this didn’t come easy since he had had a business with his brother before and they had splitter. Mr. Hunt believes that for everyone, God has a vision for them and in most cases, it is bigger all you have to do is seek his guidance and mentorship.
The Real-Life Academy is all about helping individuals fulfill their destiny in soul body and spirit. In the process, it aims to help people rise up to their full potential and live a truly fulfilling life. At times you may have self-doubt and if at all you will get clients since the path you have taken is different. Best believe the right clients will find you because once your purpose and yours align then that’s it. Let them know from the beginning the why and goal of your business then you will be good to go.

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