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Biblical Entrepreneurship in Cyprus

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Biblical Entrepreneurship in Cyprus – EC Podcast: Patrice Tsague with guest Antony and Naomi Vasili

When it comes to building a robust business, all you need is support. Most businesses fail because they do not receive the right kind of spiritual guidance that can strengthen them in the market.

As a couple who have the desire to build a successful business, it is always advised to first understand each other, so that you can achieve the fundamental values of working cohesively.

Businesses built on the foundation of Christ would certainly perform very well because so many things might happen along the way but with Christ, you can do your duties and let God complete the rest.

The growth of biblical influence on couples in business has grown a long way as many people now discover this as the right trajectory for building a robust economy.

When couples have to trust the surety of working together is always at its peak. This trust is the foundation of good listenership and performance in the market.

A good man will always trust in his wife by realizing the Godly ways of working as a team. The bible advises individuals to focus on building one another when love is there. This has greatly impacted how humble couples want to view the bible in business.

Some of the key values that entrepreneur couples need to avoid is “Overthinking”. With an open mind toward biblical teachings, couples can perfect so many things in business.

While championing for greater understanding of the bible, it is clear that most people now would love to work with their couples than friends because of the closeness in belief, therefore it’s always important to be open to one another.

While profits are always a very critical component and are necessary to secure the capital needed to serve the community, profits are not the reward — they are the means. For those in business or those who want to start over, seeking biblical advice will help build a foundation that no other entrepreneur who is a non-believer wouldn’t try to demolish.

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