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2022 Africa Regional Competition

Africa Regional Business Plan Competition Winner

Africa is a land of vast business opportunities. Looking at the number of startups and the increasing need for venture capitalists to invest in Africa we find that, the future of many economies lies in Africa.

In the coming years, Africa’s position with so many countries living under the poverty line, political problems, and diseases have a greater advantage of growth than other countries because of the need to invest in Africa, Empower Africans, and Build Africa.

When we look at how entrepreneurs in Africa come up with their different business models, all aiming at improving the state of their societies, we find out that Africa has the ability to grow economically, socially, and politically exponentially.

Despite the corruption and economic subjugation, Africa is still the place where systems demand to be built. There is actually a lot of space to build in Africa in terms of Infrastructure. If you don’t invest in Africa now, you will be losing the biggest chunk of the future economic powerhouse.

When we look at the youngest active population that’s making purchases come from Africa. The intellectual population growth in Africa is quite demanding for the economy. This is the reason why it’s defined as a land of vast underutilized opportunities.

However, there are so many challenges in Africa for Entrepreneurs; corruption, poor policies, and political instabilities just to mention a few that scare away investors. This has been cornered by the advancement of technology, the implementation of Godly principles that guide entrepreneurial journeys.

The growing democracy in Africa has also opened more business opportunities for the continent. The demand and sense of nationalism has been growing, People want to see the future of their livelihoods and their children improve, that’s why we have foreigners in Africa helping the population grow.

African leaders need to come together and vouch for more open business investments from external philanthropists. These leaders are the experts, entrepreneurs, and sporting activities leaders. Africa is developed and that’s something that is driving the willingness to build Africa.

A call to action is for more investors to come and employ more Africans in more scalable opportunities. Some Africans want to leave their continent for better opportunities in foreign worlds, without realizing how incredible Africa it is to the world; when there realize it later, it becomes more surprising to see them come back and start their own robust businesses too.

This is what the bible teaches us when it comes to the pursuit of wealth and growth. (Hunger, intelligence and willingness to work)

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