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Christmas and the Entrepreneur

christmas and the entrepreneur - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community

Tis’ the season for joyous celebrations! There are many holidays and celebrations this time of year. My family and I enjoy many traditions; one of them is volunteering for a Christmas Tree Farm that is a non-profit organization who supports widows in Ukraine by providing homes for them to live in. This season also can become very busy with holiday parties, children’s holiday performances, gift-buying, and the list goes on.

As a business owner, we have the additional “end of year” planning, closing sales to reach our goals, strategic planning for the New Year, fulfilling customer requests, and not to mention everyone wanting time off for the holidays. During this busy season, it can often be taxing on our families when we are overwhelmed with work responsibilities.

What can we do this season to make the most of our time celebrating Christmas and other holidays with our family? For some it might be taking some additional time off, for some it is simply, yet profoundly, turning off their cell phone, emails, etc. Simply turning on our vacation responder and turning off our electronic devices allows us to have a profound impact on our ability to be completely present and focused on what truly matters most; rejoicing in our Savior’s birth and treasuring the moments with our loved ones.

During this season, as Biblical Entrepreneurs, let’s choose to be intentional with our decisions on how we spend our time, energy, resources, and talents. Let’s serve our families with a committed love. Let’s serve our colleagues, and our clients, and most of all in all of this, may we honor our Lord, Jesus Christ. Let’s be reminded that He came to this earth so that we might live in victory and not slavery. Let’s follow His example and be motivated by a pure love. Let’s be reminded that He created us to worship Him through how we treat our families, the people we work with, and our work. Together, we will celebrate with His love at the center of it all, flowing through us to those around us. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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– posted by Elizabeth Dyan

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