Tawnya and Scott Landis have been a part of Nehemiah Project for many years. Lately, they have felt a strong leading to start an initiative called Marriage Architects. They will be featured at our Christmas Open House at the Nehemiah Project office (5200 Meadows Rd., 2nd Floor, Lake Oswego) on December 14th and will be both live (4:00PM to 7:00PM) and on Facebook Live Stream at about 5:30PM Pacific Time that evening.

Here, Scott tells us a little about what is on their minds and hearts.

Business owners and couples in business have quite a few demands on their time and energy. Marriage can at times go on the back burner and in some cases come after the business. While being married can be very rewarding, it does require work to keep the marriage happy and healthy. If not tended to, it can greatly affect intimacy, happiness, and satisfaction. Couples in business face more challenges than the average couple, due to the additional roles they play as business partners, employers, and executives in the company.

Some of the most common challenges we see that couples in business face are balancing roles/demands, carving out quality time, and creating deep connection and intimacy. Often business owners are exhausted after a long day and feel they do not have the energy nor the capacity to put into their marriage.

At Marriage Architects, our program walks couples in business through a 5 step process towards intimacy and fulfillment. We help our couples think about what their needs are, how to express them to their spouse, and how to meet them in their spouse. For couples in business and business owners, we have a specialized program tailored around the demands most business owners face. Scott and Tawnya Landis, the founders of Marriage Architects, have been entrepreneurs since 2001 and married since 1999. They know first-hand the challenges business owners face in their day-to-day life, as well as in their marriages. They have been coaching couples since 2010.

If you are in the Portland area, join us for our Christmas Open House featuring Scott and Tawnya on Thursday, December 14th anytime between 4 to 7PM. If you can, click HERE to let us know you are coming.

– posted by Randall Sanford