Power of the Pen Self-Paced Program


How to Structure and Write Your Story for Impact

We all have a story… but most of us die with that story locked inside our hearts. While some business people have the courage and confidence to write their stories, without experienced guidance, few of us are able to communicate in a compelling way.

Entrepreneur, best-selling author, and publishing success coach Joan T. Randall has not only successfully written and published her own story, but she has also helped hundreds do the same. And she’s ready to help you.

In this self-paced Power of the Pen program, Joan Randall provides students with a simple yet captivating way to get their stories written for impact.

Learn how to build the framework for your message utilizing the 8 Ps addressed in the 8 modules of this course:

  1. Module 1: POWER – Acknowledging the ability that you have to do or act.
  2. Module 2: PURPOSE – Discovering the reason for which you exist.
  3. Module 3: PLAN – How to structure your story or message with a plan.
  4. Module 4: PARTNER – How to successfully leverage experts in the writing and publishing space to gain knowledge.
  5. Module 5: PROMOTE – How to effectively communicate your message to the end-user.
  6. Module 6: PRESENCE – How to successfully attract visibility as you pen your story.
  7. Module 7: PROCESS – How to put everything that you have learned together to tell your story.
  8. Module 8: PROFIT – How to be profitable with your story.

Who Benefits from the Power of the Pen Course?

  • Aspiring authors who have a desire to share a story or message but don’t know how to approach the task.
  • Individuals who are uncertain if their story is worth sharing.
  • Everyone who has had a book in their heart for years but has procrastinated on getting it done because writing a book seems too daunting.
  • The entrepreneur who has yet to author a book but knows the importance of writing to gain credibility.
  • The individual who has a story, message, expertise, or experience but does not have the time to write.


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