Overcome and Lead Self-Paced Program


Being a great leader doesn’t have to be overwhelming and complicated.  Overcome and Lead is a digital leadership course with heart. Think of it as a business school for the soul. Overcome and Lead is built on Anne Beiler’s simple leadership Framework, and backed by real-life experience. It is the faith-based leaders’ guide to overcoming our biggest obstacles in leadership, starting with ourselves. Each module in the course is built on one letter in the acronym S.A.L.T. & L.I.G.H.T. These two words guided Anne throughout her leadership journey.

S.A.L.T. :

  • Share Your Story – Learn the importance of identifying and sharing your life’s history with others.
  • Activate Authenticity – Learn about the importance of being real and transparent as a leader.
  • Lean Into Intuition – Learn why intuition is a valuable tool in your tool kit as a leader.
  • Trust Courageously – Learn why you can’t build anything that will outlast you without trust.

L.I.G.H.T. :

  • Lead By Example – Learn about the importance of modeling the behavior you want in your team.
  • Invest in Others – Learn why people are your greatest asset and how to treat them as such.
  • Give Freely – Learn about the value and significance of giving as a leader.
  • Honor God – Learn how to leverage your faith as a compass in business.
  • Treat Everyone with Respect – Learn how to accept and embrace the uniqueness of each person.

Through Overcome and Lead, you will:

  • Replace feelings of inadequacy with empowerment.
  • Embrace a journey of personal and professional transformation.
  • Learn from real-world examples forged from Anne’s experience.
  • Approach leadership from a holistic perspective, taking into account the whole person.
  • Discover easy-to-apply techniques to enhance your leadership.

This course includes:

  • 10 Modules to complete at your own pace – The course is completely self-guided. Go at your own pace and complete your schedule.
    • Module 1: What is a Leader
    • Module 2: Share Your Story
    • Module 3: Align with Authenticity
    • Module 4: Lean Into Intuition
    • Module 5: Trust Courageously
    • Module 6: Lead By Example
    • Module 7: Invest in Others
    • Module 8: Give Freely
    • Module 9: Honor God
    • Module 10: Treat Everyone With Respect
  • Quick video lessons for busy leaders – Each module is broken into shorter video lessons that allow you to watch and learn quickly.
  • Exercises to help you apply your learnings – The accompanying workbook includes exercises to help you deepen your understanding of Anne’s lessons and apply what you’re learning in real-time.


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Anne Beiler began twisting pretzels in 1987 to support her husband’s vision of offering free counseling services in their community. What started as a single farmer’s market stand grew into Auntie Anne’s Inc., the world’s largest hand-rolled soft pretzel franchise. Anne’s journey towards success began many years before she rolled the first pretzel when she and her husband experienced any parent’s worst nightmare – losing a child. Out of her pain came purpose and the desire to persevere towards personal and professional success. Anne is among an elite group of women who have founded national companies in America and is among an even smaller group that has owned an international franchise company. She was named one of America’s 500 Women Entrepreneurs by Working Women and Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. Magazine.


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