Expert Ownership – Mastering Marketing Self-Paced Program

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The difference between a good idea and a successful business is marketing.

Understanding how to think like a marketer allows you to implement better strategies and tactics, yielding more revenue, happier customers, and healthier teams. Mastering Marketing empowers you to step into the mindset of marketing professionals, see how to apply new principles to your business, and then grow your success.

A basic marketing framework exists that every entrepreneur and business owner must understand in order to provide the right level of value to their audiences and solve the problems that keep customers coming back time and time again. Starting with your identity and the story your brand is telling, you will learn the power of clarity and why it should be the top priority with your marketing. After all, data confirms that people do not buy what’s best for them, they buy what they understand the fastest! This insight tells us that clarity can make or break a business. Mastering Marketing will help you discover what clarity looks like and how to best deliver it.

You will learn the POP Marketing formula for building power brands even when you don’t possess extensive experience or have a big marketing budget. The POP Marketing way of doing business will help you turn your audience problems and competitor solutions into your own successful marketing strategy.

Hear from many of today’s Mastering Marketing industry pros. Learn how Larry Hubatka and a network of Expert Owners can help you turn ineffective marketing into a revenue-generating source of profit for any type of business.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • The ultimate framework to market any product or service.
  • What to prioritize in your marketing efforts.
  • How to determine who your audience should be.
  • Why understanding relationships is the key to world-class marketing.
  • How much you should spend on marketing.
  • Other timely and proven principles to change your approach to marketing forever.


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