Planning a Kingdom Business – Student Edition (Paperback)


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Purpose: To help biblical entrepreneurs develop and defend a comprehensive business plan for their kingdom business.


  • What is a Kingdom Business?
  • What is Kingdom Business Planning?
  • Kingdom Business Life Cycle
  • Seeking God’s Will
  • Prayer and Fasting
  • Navigate the known and the Unknown
  • Kingdom Business Plan Assumptions
  • Kingdom Business Planning Model (What was, what is and what is to come)

Section Two — WHAT WAS: History of the Business Steward

  • About the Steward
  • Relevant Experience
  • Business Idea

Section Three — WHAT IS: Business Formation & Strategy

  • Description of Company
  • Industry and Market Analysis
  • Kingdom and Community Impact
  • Description of Products and Services
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Administration and Operations
  • Finance
  • Action Plan
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Statement of Faith

Section Four — WHAT IS TO COME: Future of the company

  • Vision
  • Long-term Goals
  • Succession and Exit

Executive Summary
Business Plan Check List

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Planning is the ability to tap into the mind of God and gather the necessary details on how the vision He gave you will be implemented. It requires you to carefully do your research so you can effectively support and communicate the assumptions you make throughout the plan based on the revelations that the Lord has given you. Planning for the future requires flexibility to cope with the unexpected. You must set timetables and establish priorities, decide on the methods to be used and the people who will be involved. You must analyze the existing situation, formulate and apply targets, logic, and creativity to all details in between. To do this, you need a tested and proven guideline. This is why we produced Planning a Kingdom Business. Planning a Kingdom Business is the third and final book of the Biblical Entrepreneurship book series. It provides you with a guideline on how to develop a comprehensive business plan with measurable kingdom impact. Whether you are attempting to enhance an existing plan or develop a new plan, this book provides you with questions and templates to help you develop a winning, transformational business plan. This comprehensive kingdom business plan guide begins with Section I – Developing a Kingdom Business Plan. This section helps you align your business plan with God’s will and provides you with a kingdom business plan framework. Section II – What Was, provides you with a guideline to document your business and personal history while clarifying your business idea. Section III – What Is, provides you with a guideline to address issues regarding business formation and a strategic action plan for business growth. Section IV – What Is to Come, helps you articulate the future of the company with a clear succession and exit strategy. The book also includes a business plan checklist to help guide your planning process and timeline.


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