A Handful of Rice


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A Congolese war survivor’s story of hope, grace, and victory.

Trésor Yenyi was born in Bukavu, Congo in 1983 at the peak of Mobutu’s reign. After receiving a grant to further his studies, he immigrated to the United States and earned his bachelor’s degree in Christian Counselling from Ozark Christian College. Trésor went on to further his studies and earned a Master of Organizational Leadership from Evangel University, Missouri. After moving to the United States, Trésor began to question his purpose in life and developed a strong desire to return to his native Congo to bring hope and healing for his people. He subsequently founded Mwangaza International, an organization that works with war victims across Congo and currently serves as the president of the organization. Trésor had published the first version of his memoir titled, Journey to the Heart of Darkness: Remembering Congo’s Forgotten. He currently resides in Kinshasa, DR Congo.

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A Congolese war survivor’s story of hope, grace, and victory.

The tragedies of war do not end when a ceasefire agreement is signed or when the last bomb is dropped; they continue in subtle but devastating ways.

In A Handful of Rice, Trésor Yenyi narrates how his life as a young Congolese boy is torn apart after his country goes into war, leaving him traumatized, hopeless, and angry. But one day, a mere two years after his move to America, a friend asked him, “What do you need to make Christmas special for people in Congo?” Trésor comes to a realization that due to the extreme poverty in Congo, it would only take a small packet filled with a handful of rice to positively impact the life of someone in Congo. This tiny realization led Trésor through a staggering series of events that eventually prompts him to launch a non-profit organization, Mwangaza International, that has since transformed and rebuilt the lives of hundreds of Congolese war survivors over the past seven years.

This hard-hitting memoir will open up the doors to a world where child soldiers, rape victims, and malnourished street children are the realities of life. It is a book filled with fierce tales of resilience and hope that will inspire you to beat all odds in your life and find a way through the toughest of circumstances.


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