Invested with Purpose (Ebook)


The Birth of the Biblically-Responsible Investment Movement.

Art Ally is the founder and president of Timothy Plan, a billion-dollar investment company. Combining his love for God and vocation in finance, he has worked for 40 years investing with Biblical standards. He is an author, speaker, businessman, and advocate.



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How much money is OK to have invested in abortion or pornography?

The answer is simple. Not a penny.

You don’t have to be a Christian to want to invest your money in companies that make the world a better – not worse – place. But Christians and Jews have additional insight through the Scriptures that all of our money – and our time – belongs to God, not just the amount we tithe or the time we spend in worship.

This comprehensive worldview includes our investments. Until 1994, when Art Ally founded the Timothy Plan, investors had no way of knowing whether their dollars were being used to advance honest business practices or unholy causes, such as abortion, pornography, anti-family activism, unhealthy substances or even slave labor. Invested with Purpose is the story of how one man’s vision has led to a revolution: Biblically-Responsible Investing.


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