Expert Ownership – Mastering Small Business Self-Paced Program

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Do you own your business, or does it own you?

Mastering Small Business is a proven blueprint that has helped the Benham brothers build dozens of businesses, achieve financial freedom, and launch self-sustaining ministry initiatives around the world. This course takes the key concepts of the Benham brothers acclaimed book, Expert Ownership, and dives deeper into it to help you grow your business!

With the Mastering Small Business program, you will gain access to 6 modules (plus a bonus module) that will turn your business into a vehicle for freedom and Kingdom Impact:

  1. Module 0: Faith Foundation
    The first critical step for all lasting businesses is knowing who God made you to be. Discover this understanding in this module and it will be your strong foundation that will ensure your business withstands the winds and waves of economic downturns and still has an impact around the world.
  2. Module 1: Scale Through Systems
    Learn to be a system-thinker and implement the 4S model that will help you grow your business and allow it to run without you being present.
  3. Module 2: Build Your Team
    This module covers the basics of how to build inside and outside teams and keep your team motivated and on track to achieve high-level success.
  4. Module 3: Lead Your People
    As business leaders, your job is to create an appetite in others for two things: success at work and significance in life. In this module, you will examine the five core human needs that will enable you to understand, motivate, and fully empower those you lead.
  5. Module 4: From Grip To Drip
    Find out the Benham brother’s eight money basics and six-step process to transition their active business income to passive investment income, which then enables them to focus on impact around the world.
  6. Bonus Module: Pause, Pivot, Plan
    Discover the three shifts within their businesses that the Benham brothers made in the midst of the COVID crisis and a seven-step process to generate new ideas to keep your business profitable and relevant.

By the end of this course, you will walk away with:

  • Expert Ownership-designed blueprints that led to business success in dozens of companies for the Benham Brothers and the Expert Ownership team.
  • A proprietary tool to help you build and develop systems in your business.
  • Concepts and strategies to help you hire, fire, and lead your team well.
  • Mindsets and methods to make you a better leader and business owner.
  • A money map that will guide you to “SeeYaPreneur” status.
  • A proven path to financial freedom.
  • A paradigm-shifting concept that will allow you to incorporate your faith into your business.


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