Executive Biblical Entrepreneurship Curriculum Set (Digital)


Grow and Go Deeper with Your Business

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Take your business to the next level of growth with the executive curriculum set. You receive all three of the flagship B.E. curriculum books plus our newest set of resources: Finding Your God-Given Sweet Spot, Serve With Love, Serve with Love Mission in Action, and the 40-Day Coaching Guide.

Here is how the additional resources will enhance your Biblical Entrepreneurship experience.

Receive all three Biblical Entrepreneurship books like the basic Biblical Entrepreneurship set plus…

1) Finding Your God-Given Sweet Spot
The additional resources will take you deeper into understanding the WHY behind building your business and how God has uniquely wired you to be successful at it. In this eight week, step-by-step program, you will:

  • Understand how God has uniquely wired you
  • Identify your core strengths (gifts) that you should work from
  • Know how you naturally help people
  • See God’s purpose for your life
  • Align your gifting with God’s purpose for greater alignment

2) Serve with Love
Building a healthy company culture results in happier employees, increased productivity, happier customers and a bigger bottom line. It becomes a win-win-win-win scenario. This book is a story a CEO of an iconic restaurant chain who turned a troubled company into a mission-led one. A must-read that illustrates:

  • What not to do
  • It starts from the top (good or bad)
  • Happy customers result from happy employees
  • Mission statements are critical to business success

3) Serve with Love Mission in Action Workbook
Taking note of who your stakeholders are, learn how to plot down your Purpose Statement and Mission Statement with goals in serving all your stakeholders with love.

4) 40-Day Coaching Guide
Take the challenge and create a better prayer life that will positively impact your business. This isn’t about praying for the things that you need like more sales, better employees, paying off debts, etc. It’s about building a healthy relationship with God so that He can guide you through the day-to-day. This devotional includes:

  • Weekly devotionals
  • Application exercises
  • Daily scripture
  • Space to journal
  • Ability to get closer to the Father




The BE curriculum is utilized in our mini MBA training program that combines intensive executive business coaching with a biblically-integrated training system that has proven to deliver results in building profitable kingdom companies globally.

“Our business is still reaping the benefit from taking the course last year… our profits increased $147,000 last year” – K.L.

“We turned our business culture around so instead of it being a curse to our family, it is the blessing that God designed for it… all of our children are now (happily) working in the business.” – L.H.

If you desire additional in-depth training, you can sign up for one of our scheduled courses or contact one of our certified trainers. Every one of our certified trainers has decades of successful business and entrepreneurship experience that are sure to add value to your BE experience.

Training outcomes:

  • Align your faith and values with your business
  • Fulfill your calling through the business
  • Align your business with your faith and family priorities
  • Develop a kingdom business plan with impact
  • Create sustainable profits
  • Build a healthy company culture
  • Develop a multi-generational business
  • Develop a comprehensive transformational action plan with a quality pitch deck for raising capital


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