Business Legacy Training and Coaching Package

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This package is designed for those who are in the Succession and Exit Stage of the Nehemiah Business Life Cycle.

This package includes items that address the four success factors mentioned in the Nehemiah Business Life Cycle Course: Training, Coaching, Planning, and Community.
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This package includes the following:

Legacy Executive Kingdom Business Coaching is a 72-hour 12-month one-on-one custom coaching experience based on our proprietary Kingdom Business Coaching System. This proven transformational coaching helps companies increase their top and bottom lines while integrating their values into their business.

Business Success Accelerator (BSA) is a peer-to-peer transformational business coaching program that offers a cost-effective coaching solution for entrepreneurs at any growth stage through a joint learning environment. BSA helps members achieve sustainable business growth balanced by strong values and relational equity.

The E-Community Diamond Membership is ideal for entrepreneurs, investors, and partners who desire community, inspirational resources, engaging forums, including the Ask A Kingdom Business Coach forum, discounts, free educational resources, coaching, and access to capital.

The Identity and Destiny Program is a 7-step course based on the workbook Finding Your God-Given Sweet Spot by Tom and Pam Wolf. It combines workbook exercises, reading, journaling, and videos to help individuals find their God-given sweet spot and pursue it. The program is designed for those ready to gain clarity, focus, and direction for their lives. It is for those ready to be fully released into all God has created them to be and do in this world and for His Kingdom’s purposes.

The Nothing but a Jar of Oil Course will provide you with the 7 steps to financial victory, according to the Bible. Too many Christians have defined financial victory as the capacity for unlimited material consumption – you have “made it” when you can buy any car, house, or gadget you want. In actuality, financial victory is not characterized by the size of one’s bank account but by the state of one’s heart. You only truly achieve financial victory when you can provide for your household with contentment, give to those in need, and support the Great Commission.

The Biblical Entrepreneurship Program is a transformational mini MBA training program that uses a biblically integrated teaching and curriculum system that has been proven to deliver results in building profitable Kingdom companies in the United States and around the world since 1999. The program is a mix of strong biblical concepts combined with rigorous best business practices designed to create high-performing Kingdom companies with measurable quadruple bottom lines.

The Passive Income Continuum Course is a 10-lesson course that looks to help you not only realize true freedom but sustained freedom by developing passive income. This course will help you understand the importance of having a diversified economic engine and developing passive income. You will also be equipped with strategies and tools to begin or enhance your journey toward passive income. This is not just for entrepreneurs, it is also for all those who truly want the freedom to worship and serve God with their time, talents, and treasure.  

The Serve with Love Mission in Action Program is a candid account of the trials and triumphs of intentionally living out your personal purpose and company mission statement to increase your personal and business profitability and impact. It is based on a real-life case study of a 100-year-old company that increased its revenue to over $100 Million a year after revising its mission statement to Serve with Love and intentionally integrating it throughout the company.

Mastering Small Business is a proven blueprint that has helped the Benham brothers build dozens of businesses, achieve financial freedom, and launch self-sustaining ministry initiatives around the world. This course takes the key concepts of the Benham brothers’ acclaimed book, Expert Ownership, and dives deeper into it to help you grow your business!

Overcome and Lead is a digital leadership course with heart. Think of it as a business school for the soul. The course is built on Anne Beiler’s simple leadership framework and backed by real-life experience. It is the faith-based leaders’ guide to overcoming our biggest obstacles in leadership, starting with ourselves. Each module in the course is built on one letter in the acronym S.A.L.T. & L.I.G.H.T.

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