Women in Jesus’ Life


How did Jesus really view women? In a day and age when women are still being told to “go home”, we are inundated with messages that can be confusing about how God truly views us. However, the Gospels are clear. In a culture that established women as property, Jesus actively worked to disrupt the cultural norms of his day. He was close with women and taught them in the same way he did men. His first evangelist was a woman. When he was raised from the dead, the first person he revealed himself to was a woman. Our cultural norms may be different now, but Jesus is still challenging them. At this moment of history, in order for us to take our rightful place in the kingdom, it’s imperative to understand the way Jesus sees and interacts with women. This book follows eleven women’s stories, including the woman at the well, the Canaanite woman, and several in Jesus’ genealogy. Journeying through these stories not only reveals the deep love God has for women but also shows their vital role in God’s own redemption story.

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