Purpose & Profitability I Workbook


Purpose & Profitability – Principles of Entrepreneurship Success is a business training for entrepreneurs who want to know how to succeed by utilizing value-based business principles. This workbook is designed to encourage innovation and industry rooted in ethical values for the common good.

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This workbook makes the case that good and lasting businesses must be built not just for the benefit of one individual or a small few, but for the benefit of all, including investors, consumers, suppliers, employees and the community at large. Businesses can be a catalyst to transform communities and nations while serving as the engine of the economy.

This book has nine chapters that address the following topics:

  • Intro to entrepreneurship with a purpose
  • Character and integrity in business
  • The attitude of a successful entrepreneur
  • Identify opportunities
  • Taking calculated risks
  • Solving problems
  • Business stewardship
  • Multi-bottom line profits
  • The entrepreneur as the engine of the economy


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