Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship – Student Edition (Paperback)


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Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship is designed to help you build a protable, sustainable and scalable business.

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This book covers:

  • Biblical Economics
  • How to Align Your Business Idea with Your Calling
  • Biblical Innovation and Inventions
  • Counting the Costs of Starting and Expanding a Kingdom Business
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • How to Perform Market Research
  • Understanding the Business Plan
  • Biblical Entrepreneurship Marketing & Sales
  • Organizing Your Business
  • Financing a Kingdom Business
  • Biblical Management
  • International Trade
  • Kingdom Philanthropy
  • Succession and Exit Strategy

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Most of what we know about business comes from a non-biblical worldview while the Bible is full of practical wisdom on how to operate a business. Most business courses either sees business as incompatible with the Bible or falls short in making the Bible really relevant to business. Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship takes traditional MBA topics, challenges their traditional understanding, and teaches us how to really do business by the Book. Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship is designed to help you build a profitable, sustainable, and scalable business. Building on the foundation laid out in Part I – Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship, the course begins with an introduction to Biblical Economics where students are challenged to reject the scarcity economic worldview to adopt a biblical view of sufficiency and abundance. Throughout the course, you learn to align your business ideas with your calling, how to count the cost of expanding or starting a new business, international trade, biblical management, financing a business, succession and exit strategy, and much more. The course uses various biblical and practical business examples to demonstrate that business is God’s idea and the Bible is the best business textbook. By the end of this course, entrepreneurs are better prepared to build and expand their kingdom company profitably while making a kingdom impact.


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