Passive Income Full Bundle with Coaching

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Are you looking for passive income? Do you desire to achieve sustained freedom?

“Give a serving to seven, and also to eight, For you do not know what evil will be on the earth.” – Ecclesiastes 11:2 (NKJV)

True financial freedom cannot be achieved without passive income and a diversified economic engine. Some entrepreneurs work many years in pursuit of financial freedom, only to trade their jobs for a business that is not only ever-consuming but also feels like a trap with an unclear exit strategy. 

There are some who are able to go beyond the profit trap to build a sustainable business, but ultimately fail to make enough money on the sale of the business to enjoy financial freedom. Those entrepreneurs are forced to find themselves another job or start a new business just to maintain their standard of living and giving.

As we are completely aware of the challenges that come with passive income, our goal is to provide you with excellent courses and resources to help you obtain true and sustained freedom to worship and serve God with your time, talents, and treasure.

Our Passive Income Bundles are the most value-for-money option for you to kickstart your passive income journey! 

The Passive Income Full Bundle with Coaching consists of:

  1. Nothing but a Jar of Oil Course
    • This course explores the story of the widow in 2 Kings 4 who obtained the miracle so many of us desire; she went from poverty to prosperity in a very short period of time, and her miracle was preceded by remarkable obedience. This 8-week course will help you begin your passive income journey by helping you understand the spiritual and natural principles that lay the foundation for the supernatural intervention of God in your finances. 
    • By the end of this 8-week course you will be able to: 
      1. Leverage your assets to increase your income 
      2. Know the difference between borrowing for production versus borrowing for consumption
      3. Build a team to achieve your financial goals
      4. Block out distractions and focus on achieving your financial goals
      5. Trust God to supernaturally multiply your assets to realize your financial goals 
      6. Sell your products and services for profit to realize your financial goals
      7. Pay your debt and provide for your family
  2. Passive Income Continuum Course
    • We believe that by developing passive income, you will not only realize true freedom but sustained freedom. This 10-week course will help you understand the importance of having a diversified economic engine and developing passive income. You will also be equipped with strategies and tools to begin or enhance your journey toward passive income.
    • In this course you will learn:
      1. Kingdom Business lifecycle 
      2. The purpose of wealth 
      3. The various types of income 
      4. Understanding  active income 
      5. Understanding  recurring income 
      6. Understanding passive income 
      7. The path to passive income
      8. Keys to achieving passive income
  3. Expert Ownership: Mastering Real Estate Self-Paced Program
    • Mastering Real Estate is a self-paced program designed for all those looking to take real estate as a path to passive income and there is no one more qualified to help you do this than David and Jason Benham. For the past 2 decades, the Benham Brothers have built and sustained a real estate business, the Benham Real Estate Group, that is worth tens of millions of dollars today, and it is still growing!
    • This program will show you exactly how the Benham Brothers build their real estate business through these three modules:
      1. Module 1: MINDSET – The Benham brothers will help you to lay the foundation to “think” like an investor before you “act” like one
      2. Module 2: METHOD – You will learn the Benham brother’s 10-step Path to Passive Process
      3. Module 3: MONEY – The Benham brothers will take you behind the scenes to see the real numbers on many of their own deals. 
  4. E-Community Diamond Membership
    • Receive 30-minute of personalized coaching with this membership
    • Our E-Community Diamond Membership is ideal for entrepreneurs, investors, and partners who desire community, inspirational resources, engaging forums including Ask A Kingdom Business Coach forum, discounts, free educational resources, coaching, and access to capital. Click HERE to see all the perks of our Diamond Membership. 



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