Nehemiah Operational Excellence Mastermind


Nehemiah Operation Excellence Mastermind

Cost: $6,000 for 4 Mastermind sessions in a year

Are you looking for a global entrepreneurial network of Kingdom entrepreneurs who are committed to collaborating to grow their companies with excellence using best business practices, biblical principles, and the supernatural power of God?

A mastermind is a peer-to-peer mentoring, creative, and problem-solving group that comes together to develop sustainable solutions for business problems. Inspired by Life Surge, Nehemiah’s business excellence philosophy is based on best business practices, biblical principles, and tapping into the supernatural power of God.

The Nehemiah Operational Excellence Mastermind program brings business owners together virtually to address business problems using three powerful foundational guides. The goal is to help members excel in their business operations and achieve excellent results. The program, which meets quarterly for 12 months, includes a virtual deep dive with in-depth discussions on various business operational issues and comprehensive business solutions for sustainable business growth. While the sessions are virtual, at the end of the program, members join together in person for a best-practice business tour, fellowship, and to celebrate their combined achievements.

Nehemiah Operational Excellence Mastermind achieves three key objectives:

1. Provides members with ongoing education to achieve Kingdom class operational excellence.
2. Jointly develops sustainable solutions based on best business practices, biblical principles, and the supernatural power of God.
3. Connects members with other Kingdom business owners from around the world to develop community and life-transforming relationships.



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