Couples in Business [Mini Course]


Couples In Business by Patrice and Gina Tsague [Mini-Course] is a 2-part course for couples that will encourage and aid you in the strengthening of your relationship as a couple in business. Together, Patrice and Gina share their story and the wisdom that they have picked up along the years in their journey as a married couple and partners in business.

This mini-course is a compilation of recorded training sessions that took place during Patrice Tsague and the Nehemiah Team’s visit to Nairobi Kenya in 2021.

In this mini-course, Patrice and Gina go through:

  1. A Bible Confession
  2. The Foundational Scripture of this Course
  3. Their Personal Story
  4. A Oneness Activity
  5. The 12 Seasons of Marriage
  6. The Couples In Business Priority Pyramid
  7. The Couples In Business Marital Confession


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